links for 2010-08-16

  • "Self-described 'ultimate destination for all things home' mega site Apartment Therapy has a history of troubling racial and class content and it continues this tradition by featuring a Michael Jon Watt-produced before and after that boasts a Mammy cookie jar. Mammy, of course, is in the ‘after'…"
  • "This week the question of how real violent video games are was raised by the makers of a new game set in Afghanistan and a crime journalist who asked three members of yakuza crime syndicates in Japan to play and evaluate a popular game set in their world."
  • "The overall conquest of the Yucatan and the Maya civilization is one of the bloodiest and longest in the history of the Western Hemisphere, facts which other historians and yucatecos say is offensively disregarded in a monument to 'El Adelantado' and 'El Mozo.'
    "As emissaries of the Spanish crown, the Montejo men led bands of conquistadors into numerous bloody battles against indigenous resisters between 1528 and 1546, killing thousands of Maya. The indigenous population of the Yucatan Peninsula then succumbed to widespread slavery on hacienda plantations and the general suppression of their culture."
  • "Keys has crafted a Teflon image that even the mainstream press won't touch, but Barrino is an open target. Some of you think that karma is swift and Barrino deserves what she is getting. You may be right, but how she's being raked over the coals while Keys' actions have been completely ignored by the mainstream media exposes a hypocrisy in our culture. Both women are wrong. What's also wrong is the difference in the way their bad behavior is covered by the mainstream media. And that makes absolutely no sense."
  • "Given such history, including black ad men on Mad Men should be a no-brainer. The series begins its fourth season well after the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Freedom Summer, the epochal and dangerous campaign to register blacks in the Deep South to vote; the murders of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney and Andrew Goodman, three civil rights workers who died in that voter-registration effort; and numerous American race riots, one of which took place in New York City, where Mad Men is set."
  • I may have philosophical differences with TNC, but damn if he didn't say it all in two paragraphs. – LDP

    "During my early years of blogging, I thought that the back and forth was actually sharpening my own logic and thinking. And maybe it is. But, at my core, I am selfish and each day less interested in polite, high-minded debate. Perhaps I will feel different when I return. But out here in the great green, I'm not convinced that any of it matters.

    I don't want to die debating the humanity of the blacks, the gays, the browns and the poor. You must then see, that I can never make a permanent home here. I want more."