SDCC Notebook: Creators’ Spotlight

By Arturo R. García

“Don’t tell friends about your comic – make it,” said comic-book and television writer Dwayne McDuffie at Keith Knight’s “Nappy Hour” panel. And this year, there were more POC creators doing just that, and not just on the page. Here’s a look at three of them, plus the webseries Chick.

Chick (Kai Soremekun, who also wrote and directed the series) follows Lisa, a woman who’s convinced she’s a superhero in the making, as she searches for both her powers and a “Secret Academy” in Los Angeles. The 20-episode first season also includes an alternate reality game, where viewers can help Lisa decipher some cryptic messages. The first episode (NSFW: brief sexual situations) is below.

Back in the comics realm, here’s my interview with Eric O’Neal Sr., a seven-time world karate champion who was at the convention promoting The Legend of Lionman & The Seven Kurodos, a comic book he says is as educational as it is entertaining:

Korby Marks came to the convention to promote two projects: Stormbringers, his superhero ensemble book, and Glorious, which takes place in the same universe as Stormbringers but is more focused on the titular character’s fight to stay positive:

Based out of Colombia, 7G Comics came to Comic-Con to attempt to enter the American market, with both animated projects and its’ debut comic, Zambo Dendé, which is set during the country’s colonial period: