Progamming Reminder

by Latoya Peterson

I’ve noticed more than a few emails/comments asking about quality/number of posts/what we are currently covering on Racialicious.

As a reminder, we are on a reduced program.  As much as all of us love putting on Racialicious, keeping up with the sheer volume of email, tips, submission, and pop cultural fuckery is easily a full time job.

At my last estimate, Racialicious requires around 25 to 35 hours a week to produce in its normal state. 3 posts a day, five days a week is the ideal, but it’s currently out of reach right now.

I currently have four (4) jobs, all of which are deadline oriented. I don’t really have an extra hour to myself most days, so we’re really running on snark and pixie dust around here.

Arturo is trying to manage and run this blog, the comments section, his other obligations, and grow his DJ business.

Thea recently had to step down as Deputy Editor.  While she is still contributing to Racialicious, the amount of work demanded from the Deputy Editor is not conducive to her current goal, of writing the next great American/Singaporean/Canadian/Anti-Racist/Feminist novel.

Our other correspondents and contributors pitch in when they can, but everyone is working around their schedule.

And we’ve got a back log of 400+ emails to read through, I personally owe about 15 people edits on their pieces, we need to load about 20 or so posts into queue, and there are unfinished interviews, podcasts, and behind the scenes projects that are all pulling our attention every which way.

(And I am not even looking at – that is all Andrea.)

Basically, we are just trying to maintain.

Please be patient through this transition – we’ll be back to normal (and hopefully with a new site, an entirely new content category, and some interesting new projects) sometime between November and January.

Until then, the best we can do is throw up more open threads, which we will start doing.