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  • "Yet, overall, residents know little about the unique heritage of their region. Many rural areas offer little to no education about black history in Mexico, despite its visible presence.

    “'I’ve never thought that much about it,' said David Perez, a student near San Jose del Progreso. 'It's true, a lot of us are blacks near here, but we don’t know why. It's not something that we talk about.'

    “'No one has the mentality that they are black here,' said Norga, 'they don’t celebrate it … There is no one on this coast who knows anything about the history of it.'

    "This break in the chain of passing along traditions causes some to question whether connections to this culture will slip away altogether. Outside of the Costa Chica region, Afro-Mexicans are rarely seen, and knowledge on the topic is generally nonexistent around Mexico, despite the major role slavery played in the early colonial years."

  • "The exhibition (until 27 September), reflects the wish to establish closer cultural, political but also financial links between France, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf emirates, exemplified by the Abu Dhabi branch of the Louvre, due to open in 2013. Cultural exchanges started when President Chirac visited the kingdom in 2004. 'It is the result,' says André-Salvini, 'of an understanding between Henri Loyrette, the head of the Louvre, and Prince Sultan, the nephew of King Abdullah, who heads the Saudi commission for tourism and antiquities."
  • "Last month, following a clash between Gypsies and police in another region, Sarkozy announced a raft of new draconian security measures, including plans to dismantle 300 unauthorised campsites within three months.   "Critics accused the French leader of stigmatising Roma, Gypsy and Traveller minorities in a bid to recover votes lost to the anti-immigration far right in time for his re-election battle in 2012.   

    "But an opinion poll published Thursday showed that 79 percent of voters approved of measures to dismantle the camps, and similar majorities backing other aspects of his law and order policy."

  • "You might not know Flug's name, but if you've read a news story or book, or even watched a documentary dealing with black history in Chicago, chances are you've encountered archival information that he has either assembled or shepherded.

    The Harsh Research Collection, housed in the Carter G. Woodson Library Branch, is believed to be the largest collection of African-American history and literature in the Midwest."

  • "Monica Y. sent a collection of vintage ads and cartoons illustrating how soap and cleanliness has been used as a metaphor for colonization.  The first two ads show how soap manufacturers and colonialists alike colluded in suggesting that the colonized were unclean/uncivilized and needed to be cleansed/enlightened."
  • "The 30-year-old Amauri is a late bloomer who has never played for his country of birth or Italy. He gained Italian citizenship in April by way of marriage and had hoped to be picked for the World Cup, but he was in poor form last season and left off the team.

    "Also called up was Mario Balotelli, a talented 19-year-old of Ghanian descent who has been subjected to racial taunts from fans at games in Italy the past two seasons.

    “'I will play against prejudice,' Amauri said. 'Mario and I will do everything we can to make these people change their minds.'"

  • "There have been reports after reports being published on studies done by Pew Internet, Sophia Mind, AOL and other researchers, where Latinos are found to be more and more wired and Latina women are setting the pace. According to the report just recently published by Pew Internet, Hispanics are outpacing cellphone use among 16 – 25 age group. The report by Sophia Mind found that more than 85% of Latina women visit social networks. AOL’s report stated, 'Compared to the General Market, Hispanics are more sophisticated technology users. Their use of a wide rate of devices (e.g., smartphones and gaming devices) to access the internet illustrates a high level of comfort with and willingness to try new technologies.' Most importantly, Sophia Mind found that nearly 40% of Latina women say networks lack information that connects with them."

    "What is the solution or the response by these women? To create their own blogs."

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