links for 2010-08-08

  • "In their latest report on earnings in the 2nd quarter of 2010, Asian men topped the charts again, making $901 in median weekly earnings. Asian women were second at $854, followed by white men at $838.

    "When broken down by educational attainment, those with an advanced degree (past bachelors) had the highest salaries. And the professions that made the most were managerial/professional/financial based positions."

  • "But the creators finally fixed on doe-eyed Dora Marquez, who kicked off the first show with three simple words: 'Hi, I'm Dora.' Dora began traveling through the jungle — speaking bits of Spanish along the way — and onto the nation's television screens in August 2000.

    "The idea was to foster pride among Latino children and familiarity with Latino culture among English speakers, but only indirectly as part of an entertainment show.

    "Amid these warm-hearted adventures, Dora became a pop-culture superstar, a lucrative franchise and a force that helped shift the globalized juvenile television landscape that has become increasingly multicultural and bilingual. Dora, in some eyes, also became a poster child for immigration and the target of anti-immigrant sentiment."

  • "Ellis cites the election of Barack Obama and Beyonce singing at the inauguration ceremony as another reason why people who follow Beyonce may be under the impression that racism is no more.

    "Although Cashmore acknowledges that Beyonce may be seen as a symbol of the change in people’s thinking’s regarding racism, he states that it is a bit misleading because the USA is still “mired in its past.”

    "African-American’s performing poorly in schools, poor living conditions and the amount of African-American’s behind bars in jail are some of the reason’s Ellis lists as to why Beyonce’s success may sell the belief that racism is over, but it is seldom bought."

  • "A Hemet couple have been indicted for allegedly tricking an undocumented immigrant to take a plane back to her native Philippines by claiming that they were enforcing a fugitive warrant issued by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    "Gregory Raymond Denny Jr., 38, and his wife, Karen Evon Denny, 52, allegedly handcuffed the victim, Cherriebelle Magada Gabalonos Hibbard, and said they were taking her to San Diego's Lindbergh Field to be deported, according to a federal indictment unsealed Friday in San Diego."

  • "Many longtime, non-Asian residents of Flushing, Queens are feeling slighted with food choices ever since the Key Foods in the area shut down. The closure left Asian markets as the only local source for groceries, and locals are demanding that they start carrying normal, boring, Western stuff like bologna and bagels. Local Rosa Febles told the WSJ (paywall), 'Most of the supermarkets in the area are Asian markets and all they have is just one single aisle of food for us. We feel a little left out.' And don't ask them to go to the Met Food on Browne Street; apparently it caters to a 'nearby Latino population.' When will the white people catch a break?"