links for 2010-08-06

  • “Is there a place for human compassion and human right in the immigration debate? Is there a place to say–I feel for Pedro as a human being and I don’t want him or his family to suffer in this manner over an unjust law? I think the way the debate is run today, the answer would be no. Fox news, Michelle Malkin, Lou Dobbs–all of the people of that ilk, have made it a sign of weakness, of shame, something to mock, for caring about other human beings who are hurting. And of course, all of the reasoning on why we shouldn’t care about other human beings carry very strong undertones of anti-gay hysteria and nationalism (Oh, wah wah, bleeding heart pussy liberal! Love your country before any human! Weak response! We don’t want to be weak! We want to be manly strong men!).”
  • WARNING: Continuous references to “illegal immigrants.”

    “It’s easy to see why New Mexico could be seen as a comfortable atmosphere for [undocumented residents]. Here, [undocumented residents] can get driver’s licences; in Arizona, they can’t. They can also get in-state tuition at colleges; in Arizona they can’t. But here’s something they’re also finding out: there are far fewer jobs than in Arizona.”

  • “Daniel Schruender, the director of publications and information for the California chapter of the Aryan Nations 88, has filed papers (scroll to page 58) to run for a school board position in Rialto, California. Schruender announced his plans on his blog in which he stated, ‘Today, August 2, 2010, the Aryan Nations has moved from talking about running for political office to actually doing it. Many of you read a previous post on the forum, and an article in the last issue of the Quarterly where I said I was considering it. I decided to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.'”
  • “It’s hard to read Judge Walker’s opinion without sensing that what really won out today was science, methodology, and hard work. Had the proponents of Prop 8 made even a minimal effort to put on a case, to track down real experts, to do more than try to assert their way to legal victory, this would have been a closer case. But faced with one team that mounted a serious effort and another team that did little more than fire up their big, gay boogeyman screensaver for two straight weeks, it wasn’t much of a fight.”
  • “Randa did not rule the merits of the lawsuit. Griffin is fighting a decision by the state Government Accountability Board barring her from using the phrase ‘NOT the ’whiteman’s bitch’ to describe herself on the ballot.

    “The judge said Griffin’s claims should be brought in a civil rights lawsuit.

    “Griffin told The Associated Press on Thursday she intends to refile the lawsuit as a civil rights action as the judge recommended as well as appeal his order rejecting the original lawsuit based on how it was filed.”

    “’A lot of people are telling me they support my stand,’ she said.”