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  • "With each delay of OWN's launch — from 2009 to mid-2010 to January 2011 — Discovery has had to crunch some numbers and figure out a whole new cost plan.

    "We're in the process of revising that contract," Singer said. "[The budget] likely will go up . . . the cost to launch the network, it will be higher than we had originally contemplated."

    He declined to specify what the new anticipated total cost will be. Still, Discovery is content with OWN, which it owns 50/50 with Winfrey."

  • "But our sympathy for Betty is undermined by the extreme simplicity of her character, which is that of a child in a beautiful woman’s body. How much more powerful would this show be if she were a smarter, more mature woman who found herself trapped in suburban hell, instead of a shallow princess who can’t come up with more than "I have thoughts" when composing a love letter and who consistently behaves like a petulant 5-year-old, albeit one armed with a cigarette and a glass of wine?

    Being stuck in a life of mind-numbing domesticity is tragic only when the person is capable of — and desirous of — much more. But Betty seems less limited by her situation than by her intellect and character. We have no sense of what she’d do with her life if she hadn’t married, other than perhaps be a Holly Golightly party girl in Europe. Even when she finally leaves Don, it’s not to become independent but only to go to another man who wants to marry her and take care of her every little need."

  • "While 40 percent of white children were found to have low or no swimming ability, the same was true for nearly 70 percent of black children, according to a recent survey by USA Swimming, the governing body of competitive swimming in the United States.

    Latino children also lag behind in their swimming levels, with 58 percent at low or no swimming ability."

  • "White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen thinks Asian players are given privileges in the United States that Latinos are not afforded.

    "In his latest rant, the outspoken Guillen also said he's the "only one" in baseball teaching young players from Latin America to stay away from performance-enhancing drugs and that Major League Baseball doesn't care about that."

  • In an attempt to deal with the city’s budget crisis, all Los Angeles public libraries will now be closed on Sundays and Mondays, a move that went into effect three days ago.

    In addition to the new five-day schedule, some branch libraries, like the one in Little Tokyo, also face reduced hours.

    Nevertheless, Ohta said the change in library hours would greatly affect patrons.

    “Closing on Mondays will be bad for the community – we get lots of people on Mondays,” he said. “And since the Central Library will be closed, they’ll have nowhere to go.”

  • "The game depicts a Black man in a suit holding a piece of paper entitled “Health Bill” and a belt buckle similar to the presidential seal. To top it off the man also has antennas coming out of his head and a troll doll on his shoulder.

    "The game cost $1 per shot or $5 for 6 shots for players to fire foam darts at the Obama look-a-like's head and heart for their chance to win a stuffed animal."

  • "Even in this space, haters have come and sought information about my and my children, calling them anchor babies. And the point is not what their status is or what my status is (although I have been clear about that) but that this comes down to where ethnicity and gender meet. That now Latina mujer = anchor baby factory.

    "What I worry about, as this rhetoric keeps building, is what about the babies, the children. How can we guarantee their safety? We have already seen that they don’t care about our hijos."

  • "The DOJ's Civil Rights division has been investigating Arpaio's use of racial profiling, national origin discrimination and unconstitutional searches and seizures for the past 16 months. But from the beginning Arpiao has refused to hand over documents to aid investigators, and now the Justice Department's had enough."
  • "Then he shocked his audience. 'More than anything else, I feel guilty,' Mr. Hudson, who is black and Hispanic, told his 183 fellow graduates. 'I don’t deserve any of this. And neither do you.'

    "They had been labeled 'gifted,' he told them, based on a test they passed 'due to luck and circumstance.' Beneficiaries of advantages, they were disproportionately from middle-class Asian and white neighborhoods known for good schools and the prevalence of tutoring.

    “'If you truly believe that the demographics of Hunter represent the distribution of intelligence in this city,' he said, 'then you must believe that the Upper West Side, Bayside and Flushing are intrinsically more intelligent than the South Bronx, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Washington Heights. And I refuse to accept that.'”

  • "I have a rare and golden opportunity to actually represent a very different ideal, not just of burlesque, but also of womanhood, sexiness, and femininity – the woman I wished I could see in magazines or fashion shows or cabaret stages. A woman like me.


  • "Hours before the first African-American first lady of the US and her daughter were settling into the luxurious Villa Padierna hotel on the outskirts of Marbella, the US state department removed a warning about police racism in Spain from one of its websites.

    "'We have received isolated reports that racial prejudice may have contributed to the arrest or detention of some African-Americans travelling in Spain,' the bureau of consular affairs had warned on its travel advice website."

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