links for 2010-08-04

  • "More than one hundred days into the BP disaster, folks are wondering where all the oil has gone–much of it seems to have crept under the water's surface, or maybe evaporated into thin air. But, as officials scramble to assess the pending damage, we do know the destination of around 40,000 tons of the spill waste: it's headed for the families that have been getting dumped on for years. In what may be yet another calm before the storm, BP's colorfully advertised waste management plan appears to follow a haunting pattern of environmental racism."
  • "Other women said they started out of love of children, community or race; theirs was not the sentimental and fragile love too often associated with women, but protective, compassionate and fierce love. 

    "The role of the Strong Black Woman can be difficult, even dangerous. Black women die of stress-related disease more than other women, even when they are affluent and take preventive care. It is most dangerous when they are not in control of their own energies, when the role is co-opted as it often is. 

    "The black women I interviewed were fully aware of the costs of the role. They were tired and they knew it. They did the work they felt they had to do anyway." 

  • "New York Gov. David Paterson signed legislation this summer prohibiting the NYPD from keeping names and other information on the people cops stop but don't arrest or cite. He allowed the stops themselves to continue, however. Meanwhile, House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers has introduced the End to Racial Profiling Act. The bill's not likely to see congressional action soon."
  • "The fast-growing for-profit education industry, which received more than $4 billion in federal grants and $20 billion in Department of Education loans last year, has become a source of concern, with many lawmakers suggesting that too much taxpayer money is being used to generate profits for the colleges, instead of providing students with a useful high-quality education."