links for 2010-07-23

  • "Of course, it's hard to prove that past racist policies are directly responsible for apparent the lack of a swimming culture in some urban communities of color. On the other hand, in segregated cities, where structural racism continues to shade into the use and perception of public recreation, it seems less outlandish to focus on the role of historical memory versus, say, Black women's supposedly life-consuming hair neuroses. But of course, it's more fun to just indulge public fascination with how hairstyles influence Black women's behavior. And when that story gets old, just add water."
  • "Udi Ofer, director of advocacy for the civil liberties union, said his group was astonished by the department’s unwillingness to alert and guide the school districts, most of which he described as probably 'clueless' rather than malicious in asking for immigration documents. It is irresponsible, he added, for officials to wait for affected families to complain. 'We’re dealing here with an undocumented community that is afraid of coming out of the shadows,' he said."
  • "There is a deeper dislogic haunting this country on race. It can't be beaten with facts, stats and arguments. The notion that black people are a problem is superreligious. It is bone-deep. It haunts everything and we can't, in this time, get loose. There needs to some fundamental root-work done here. I feel like I've spent the past few years playing with a hedge-trimmer, when what I need is a chainsaw. A diamond-grit chainsaw."