links for 2010-07-22

  • "Today, at 10 am EST, organizations including the ACLU, MALDEF, NAACP, National Immigration Law Center (NILC), Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) – a member of the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice – ACLU of Arizona, and the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) will appear in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona, arguing that SB1070 should not go into effect while it is being fought against in the courts."
  • "Nearly half or more express intense worry over losing their jobs, paying bills or saving for college, and similar numbers say they or a relative were unemployed recently — all of it worse than the general population's experience.

    "'There's nothing stable,' said Alberto Alvarez, 49, a Cuban immigrant and construction worker in Miami. 'Today there's a job. Tomorrow there's another. And the next, there's nothing.'

    "More than 1,500 Latinos were interviewed for the poll, which was conducted as the nation's unemployment rate hovered near 10 percent and the economy struggled to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression."

  • "Janet Jackson just signed a contract to be the spokesperson for Blackglama, a company that sells luxury fur coats.

    "Obviously as animal rights activists, PeTA has a huge problem with anyone wearing fur. I can respect the argument, though I would like to point out that for Black women, there is a lot more involved than animal cruelty. Fur is a marker of success and a commodity that was simply out of reach of many women of colour. Now that many more Black women are achieving financial wealth, they want the same trappings of success that have traditionally belonged to White women. Because PeTA is clueless about racial dynamics, this is something they have repeatedly failed to consider."

  • "I don't want the power of judgment. I want a full plot line dammit. Maybe Roger has a butler and he and I can get together. I mean really get together, and our hot passionate love affair will bring us on a freedom ride down to Alabama where we will love each other in the sticky, sweaty Alabaman heat… and Sterling Cooper has some business down there and they do some advertising blah blah blah."
  • "The program, known as Advantage, was meant to move more homeless families into the working world with the lure of subsidized rent. But many families fall flat when, after one or two years, they are no longer eligible for the program and are suddenly faced with the burden of paying rent.
    "Beginning this fall, the city is to impose stricter requirements for the program; many more shelter residents will probably not qualify, and some may have their support cut off early. For many families, that could spell the end of a nascent rise out of poverty."
  • "Anti-immigrant efforts to co-opt the environmental movement go back decades and were most brazen in the infamous battle of 2004 to take over the Board of the Sierra Club.  One of the primary players in that affair, Bill Elder, is in the thick of Apply the Brakes, serving as its website coordinator.  Elder’s 'green' ties to the anti-immigrant movement are deep and despicable, and reach into its white nationalist core via Brenda Walker, a regular contributor to the white nationalist website V-DARE, and Virginia Abernethy, an avowed white separatist.  Newer anti-immigrant players like Philip Cafaro—who has ludicrously tied the Gulf oil spill to immigrants—help flesh out Tanton Network tentacles into ATB."
  • "Recently, the London Review of Books contracted the South African writer and Rhodes scholar R W Johnson to write a series of blog posts on the World Cup. Johnson, an Anglophone liberal, was once the authoritative source for the centre-left press in the UK on apartheid. He has long since moved to the right, disappointed by post-apartheid South Africa and almost comically paranoid about Marxist racist black nationalist conspirators having taken control of the ANC and driven the country into the dirt….If he was ever a reliable source, it is fair to say that he has long since ceased to be…Unfortunately, Johnson has embarrassed his employers with a rather peculiar racist outburst in an article entitled 'After the World Cup' (or rather that appears to have been the title finally chosen – the URL of the now vanished post suggests that it was originally called 'The Coming of the Baboons')."
  • "Gru needs a shrink ray to complete his plan to steal the moon. So he steals a shrink ray from a topic secret research facility, presumably belonging to another villain. Throughout the scene where Gru steals the shrink ray my jaw was on the floor – the henchmen in the top secret facility are Asian cartoon stereotypes straight out of U.S. World War 2 propaganda. They have monkey-like features, with mouths that split their entire faces, small pig noses, and beady slanted eyes. They are wearing nondescript uniforms that are also evocative of World War 2. […] ETA: When I wrote this post I assumed the anti-semitic stereotypes on display in Gru and his mother had already been addressed by someone somewhere. However, I haven't found such an article. Suffice it to say, there's a lot wrong with this movie!"