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  • "Now obviously I'm just as opposed to people using the N-word as the next person, (okay, maybe more so since I am Black) but I was personally through with Gibson after 'Sugartits Gate.' My theory has long been that those who don't care for Jews rarely care for Blacks, so I wasn't exactly shocked when it was alleged that Gibson doesn't have the warm fuzzies for my kind, despite his buddy routine with Danny Glover in the Lethal Weapon franchise. But despite my opposition to hate speech, what our moms taught us as kids holds true: 'Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me.'

    "But fists do hurt, so does sexual abuse, so why is it that much of Hollywood ready to welcome admitted statutory rapist Roman Polanski back with open arms, and much of black Hollywood is arguing that people like myself need to get over it already regarding Chris Brown’s assault on Rhianna?"

  • "Rodarte's MAC collection, which launches on September 15, is inspired by Mexico's colors and culture, and the products are named accordingly. For example, one pink blush is called Quinceañera, while a sheer white lipstick is called Ghost Town. However, the frosty pink nail polish called Juarez isn't sitting well with blogger the Frisky, who finds it "tasteless":

    "'Why’s it tasteless? Juarez is an impoverished Mexican factory town notorious for the number of women between the ages of 12 and 22 who have been raped and murdered with little or no response from police.'"

  • " A conservative group replaced a billboard comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin on Wednesday, calling the sign a mistake.

    "Workers papered over the Mason City sign at the request of the North Iowa Tea Party group.

    “'We got it covered up first thing this morning,' said Kent Beatty, the general manager of the company that owns the billboard.

    "After the billboard drew sharp criticism by other state and national tea party leaders, members of the North Iowa group sought the change.

    "North Iowa Tea Party co-founder Bob Johnson said he and other leaders agreed with critics that the image of Obama between Hitler and Lenin was offensive. He said the images overwhelmed the intended message of anti-socialism."

  • "Utah is one of 21 states currently discussing copycat legislation following Arizona's SB 1070. 'What they did in Arizona was wrong, and it looks like Utah is next,' Salvador Lazalde, president of the United Mexican Federation, told ColorLines yesterday by phone."
  • "The agreement will usher in the most significant expansion of mental health services in years for youths in custody, the vast majority of whom suffer from drug or alcohol problems, developmental disabilities or mental health problems.

    "Currently, the state does not have a single full-time psychiatrist on staff to treat young offenders."

    "Guards at the youth prisons, known as youth counselors, will be barred from physically restraining youths except when a person’s physical safety is threatened or a youth is trying to escape from the institution."

  • "For all the investment of the post-Good Friday years and the political transformation, the parts of Northern Ireland you are reading about are among the most deprived in the UK. In some parts of north and west Belfast, unemployment is rampant (and was even during the boom), while the same areas are routinely at the bottom of almost every index for deprivation and exclusion. If we are serious about dealing with social exclusion, with poverty, with youth criminality, with knife crime – whatever manifestation of a troubled society we are talking about in Northern Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter – we need to start with asking 'why', and we need to finish with an answer that doesn't simply reinforce the miserable status quo."
  • In most of Africa, there was only 1 operating room per 100,000 people. In the poorer parts of Asia and Latin America, there were 4 to 10 per 100,000. In Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, there were about 15. In Eastern Europe and the wealthiest Asian countries, there were about 25.

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