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  • "You have a history despite the best attempts of people inside and outside the community to erase you from TBLG history and try to tell you what you can't do or accomplish.

    "People who share your ethnic heritage executed the first trans oriented protest in 1965. Miss Major was present at Stonewall in 1969. Marsha P. Johnson in conjunction with Sylvia Rivera helped organize STAR. It was an African American transwoman named Avon Wilson who was the first client in 1966 of the now closed Johns Hopkins Gender Program. Over the last ten years four of us have picked up IFGE Trinity Awards for the work we have done to uplift the entire trans community. Tracy Africa was a successful fashion model in the 70's and 80's. Dr. Marisa Richmond was present at the 2008 Democratic Convention as the first trans African American elected delegate to a major party convention. Some of you, like Isis are making history today."

  • "The image of the affluent and white cellphone owner as the prototypical mobile Web user seems to be a mistaken one, according to a report published Wednesday by the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Center.
    "The study found that African-Americans and Hispanics continue to be more likely to own cellphones than whites and more likely to use their phones for a greater range of activities."
  • "A former Justice Department lawyer hired during the Bush administration alleged on Tuesday that the department scaled down a voter-intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party last year because his former colleagues do not want to protect white people’s civil rights.

    "The testimony by Mr. Adams brought new attention to a case that has been used as political ammunition against the Obama administration by some conservative media outlets seeking to flip the script on portrayals of the Bush administration as having “politicized” the Justice Department."

  • "The key for Williams was a so-called Individual Development Account, which funded tutoring for her daughter and is now helping Williams save for her business.

    "Unfortunately, IDAs like the one Williams discovered may be among the best-kept secrets in finance. These amazing accounts, offered in every state, help low-income workers set aside money for education, a first home or starting a business.

    "But they're frequently overlooked because the programs are neither standardized nor offered on a national basis. Instead, they're provided through a patchwork of local groups and charities, each of which may have different rules on who can qualify for help and what kind of help they can receive."

  • "Pérez, a 26-year-old immigrant from Guatemala who four weeks ago was hired to landscape gardens at homes around South Miami-Dade, said he was promised $100 per day. Instead, he said, he got only $50 to $75 per day. After help from an activist group, he recouped some of the remaining money that was promised.
    "Pérez's story is not unique, but has become almost normal for day laborers, particularly those who are undocumented immigrants."

    "The issue has reached the Miami-Dade County Commission, which on Feb. 28 passed an ordinance requiring employers to pay within 14 days of contracting the work unless a consistent pay schedule has been established."

  • "Some of the indigenous communities in the Amazon area are already autonomous while others are still struggling for that. In the process of applying and establishing resolutions and various decrees maps are a big help for establishing legitimate relationship with the official and actually support written documents with professional maps. Fernando comes from Colombia but the mapping takes place in the whole Amazon region as they define it on their own:

    “There are several ways to define the limits of the Amazon (*). For this map the Amazon is the sum of the political limits of the Amazonian regions of each country. In Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela they match the biogeographical boundary, in Ecuador and Colombia, they relate to the municipalities or counties that comprise the biogeographical boundary, and in Brazil it is an administrative definition called “Legal Amazon.”"

  • "Eido Gat and Ziv Schneider, from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, in Israel, have produced a pro-Palestine visual-identity package for the city, drawing on the graphic traditions of both Islamic art and the modern corporate world. Designed to adorn everything from stamps and coffee mugs to civic Web sites and T-shirts, the campaign is organized around the notion of a hypothetical investors' forum. The hope is to show what Palestinian Hebron would look like if it actually had a discretionary budget to speak of (a problem that doesn’t appear to affect Jewish settlements in the West Bank, as the New York Times reported today)."

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