links for 2010-06-30

  • "But in my mind equally disturbing are the series of 'alleged' incidents involving her adult sons. Between them they have been accused of assault and of having some questionable racial attitudes, to put it mildly…

    "While I was initially hesitant to write about them at all, since yes, I know they are not the ones running for office, I thought about it and wondered why I shouldn’t. Don’t they represent one of Whitman’s most significant contributions to the world, as does the child of any person? Furthermore, if Whitman has been accused of having temperament issues in the workplace and her children are accused of having temperament issues as well, doesn’t that raise questions about her leadership skills at work and home?"

  • "The media devours palatable representations of 'ethnic' beauty. It allows them to truly believe they're celebrating diversity while continuing to maintain a certain aesthetic. This is certainly no new revelation, but Munn's presence in the news last week offers us another opportunity to consider the media’s habitual white washing of color.
    "No where has this practice been more noticeable than in images of African American women in film, television, and music. Black women come in a multitude of different shades: Freckly yellow, copper, blacker than black, and even ::whisper:: ashy gray. We have a multitude of different ass sizes and a plethora of hair textures. If, however, you grew up in a small and dark cave with nothing but the glow of a television to light your way, you would never know this."
  • "Impossible to ignore, the place became a magnet for expectations. Nearby shopkeepers figured it would bring in more business. Residents of public housing towers to the south hoped it would help clean up the streets. Some working-class and poor residents in the area took a dimmer view: the building seemed too expensive, too sleek — yet another Trojan horse smuggling gentrification into Harlem.

    "But the Kalahari has turned out to be not as homogenous as its imposing edifice might suggest. It is one of the city’s dozens of mixed-income condo buildings, making it a social engineering construct of sorts."

  • "An estimated 20 to 30 percent of the city’s lots are vacant, and there is a growing urban agriculture movement that community groups are using to reclaim the city. Malik Yakini, chairman of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, gives us a tour of D-Town Farm, one of the biggest urban farms in Detroit." 
  • "Every day, hundreds of thousands of pounds of produce travel through the South Bronx to the Hunts Point market, one of the world’s largest food distribution centers. Little of it is actually sold in the surrounding neighborhood.

    "So he decided to turn the model on its head, giving plan members a say in what is grown, and, with the help of nonprofit groups, making it less expensive as well."

  • "Carey's lawsuit is a counter-claim filed in response to a wrongful death suit filed by Bell's fiancee Nicole Paultre Bell filed against Carey and four other cops involved in Bell's death."