“We’re The Fuck You Crew”: True Blood Open Thread

by Latoya Peterson

When we last left Bon Temps, fine ass Eggs had just been shot in the head by Jason, signaling an end to Mechad Brooks’ abs and their frequent cameos on the show. Can we have a moment of silence for that, please?

Mechad Brooks

Oh yeah, and Bill got kidnapped after proposing to Sookie.

Other random thoughts.

“Conscious off, dick on!” Poor Jason Stackhouse, he can’t ever start his life over. The first time, he found a v-addict and was sad when she met her untimely end. Then he joined a church that was an evil front group. And now he tries to swear off sex, but needs to keep up his horndog ways to keep his cover.

“I’m gonna take this Tequila over’chere…” I missed you Lafayette. And I can’t wait to see the new love interest in action. (Though that dream sequence with Bill and Sam MUST have been a bone thrown to the slash crew – can Bon Temps handle anymore sexual tension?)

“Why is everything about race with them?” Oh Arlene, you charming fool…

Also, can someone please save Tara? She’s careening from suicidal into a new sex-torture situation, which cannot be good. Especially if the always thorough Lafayette is going to be busy with a new man friend.