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  • Why does this rhetoric sound so…familiar?–AP

    "In some ways, more interfaith marriage is good for civic life. Such unions bring extended families from diverse backgrounds into close contact. There is nothing like marriage between different groups to make society more integrated and more tolerant. As recent research by Harvard professor Robert Putnam has shown, the more Americans get to know people of other faiths, the more they seem to like them.
    "But the effects on the marriages themselves can be tragic — it is an open secret among academics that tsk-tsking grandmothers may be right. According to calculations based on the American Religious Identification Survey of 2001, people who had been in mixed-religion marriages were three times more likely to be divorced or separated than those who were in same-religion marriages."

  • This is a fucking shame. – LDP "Of the 600-plus U.S. newspapers in the Nexis database, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (3/9/10) was the only one to publish a news report on the study. Tim Grant’s front-page piece made connections with the local situation, and pointed out that “upper-income black women [were] five times more likely to have received a high-cost mortgage than upper-income white men.” A few days later, NPR Weekend Edition (3/13/10) broadcast an insightful interview with Julianne Malveaux discussing the report. (In alternative media, some of the more prominent coverage came from Latoya Peterson at the blog Racialicious—3/11–24/10—and Democracy Now!’s interview with study author Mariko Lin Chang—3/12/10.)"
  • "Rosin did actually report out her piece, though there is an unmistakable tone of handwringing to it, a worry that all women will turn out like the poor unmarried black women, and a fairly unexamined assumption that when women thrive in the economy, men will grow rightfully angry and resentful that their naturally brawny and vigorous selves are being oppressed."
  • "The incident started when kids threw rocks at US Border Patrol agents who were riding bicycles on a bridge between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez. Apparently rock throwing is a crime punishable by death on the spot, so one agent shot and killed 15-year-old Sergio Adrián Hernández Huereka. Mexican authorities say Hernández was shot inside Mexico. Border Patrol says he was trying to illegally cross into the US (and he was throwing rocks). Hernández's father told AFP, "There were lots of kids and the border patrol cop… started firing off shots and hit my son, my baby twice in the head."
  • "We would love to govern," Mr Wilders said. "1.5 million people voted for us and our plans for more safety, less immigration and less Islam. We are the big winner and they cannot ignore us. We want to be taken seriously."

    Mark Rutte, the leader of the centre-right Liberal VVD and the man expected to be the next Dutch prime minister, hailed his party's unprecedented victory. "It appears as if for the first time in our history that the VVD has become the largest party in the Netherlands," he said."

  • "For the second time in three years, federal authorities are seeking increases for most immigration applications as a result of a decline in agency revenue brought about by fewer applications being filed because of the recession.

    The head of the Homeland Security agency that processes immigration applications announced the fee increase proposal Wednesday for such documents as new green cards and work permits, but exempted the filing fee for citizenship."

  • "To me, the real reason payday has grown like it has is more of an economic reason than a geographic reason. There's been stagnating wages among the lowest 40 percent [of wage earners] in this country, and so they're not earning anymore real dollars. At the same time, rent is going up, health care is going up [and] other expenses are going up, and it just becomes harder and harder and harder for these people who are making $20,000 [or] $25,000 [or] $30,000 a year to make ends meet. And the pay lenders are really convenient. Between going home from work and going shopping, you can stop at one of these stores and get instant cash in five minutes."

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