Friday Announcements: Global Scholar Summer Seminar

Apply to the Global Scholar Summer Seminar

What does it mean to be a global citizen? Want to actually DO something about hunger, climate change, and war?If you are curious about these questions, then AIDemocracy’s brand new Global Scholars online seminar series is for you! Through talks with experts from around the world, Q&A sessions, and activist trainings, AIDemocracy hopes to empower high school juniors, seniors, and undergrads to make positive social change the world over. Getting outside your own city can be a challenge, so we’ll bring the issues to you! As a Global Scholar, you will watch and participate in a seven-part overview of some of the most pressing global issues to date, develop your own initiative to implement at your own school or campus, and receive one-on-one coaching from AIDemocracy staff. At the end of the series, you’ll have a chance to present your campaign and see who wins this year’s Campaign Idol. Get excited, and apply to Global Scholar 2010!

The Global Scholar application has two parts. The online portion of the application asks basic questions about the student and gives the student an opportunity to list school and community leadership positions. Its final section requires the student to write a short essay in response to the following questions: What issue in international affairs most interests you? Why? How do you see this issue fitting into your future plans? Essays should be approximately one typed page in length.

The second part of the application requires a refundable $50.00 course fee (made out to Americans for Informed Democracy) and an official recommendation from a teacher or mentor. The course fee serves as your commitment to the program. If you are not admitted to the 2010 Global Scholar Program, your check will be returned to you. Additionally, by missing no more than one of the scheduled Global Scholar sessions, your check will also be returned to you. As long as you do not miss two or more sessions, Global Scholar is completely free!

These materials should be mailed to:

Global Scholar Program
Americans for Informed Democracy
218 D Street, SE Floor 1
Washington, DC 20003

To fill out the application for the 2010 Global Scholar Program, click here.