Face The Music: The Racialicious Roundtable For FlashForward 1.21

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García

You know what might’ve made “The Countdown” a little easier to handle? Just one more word in the title:

But seriously, this was your standard “darkest before the dawn” episode, where everybody battled the Determinism blues before next week’s Big Finish. While we’re waiting to see if this follows the finale trend set by BSG and now Lost, the Roundtable focused in on one specific plot thread: the final descent of Demetri.

demdoor1So, you had Demetri finally ‘fessing up to Zoey. Props to John Cho for mustering up the right amount of groveling and contrition for the moment. But it left Dem having to hitch his wagon to Janis and Simon of all people. Your take?
Andrea: I thought Gabrielle Union also brought the right amount of heartbrokenness, incredulousness, indignation, and upset to the scene. All I can say is I’m so happy she dumped Dem’s ass right there then took her freshly done sun-kissed weave and went to Hawaii with her parentals. As for Dem’s infidelity leading to his having to hang with Janis and Simon: Fuck him.
Mahsino: 1.) I hated her highlights, they should’ve been a warmer tone. 2.) I almost felt bad for Demetri. It’s like he got 20 points for fessing up before it’s too late, but -1000 when he cheated in the first place. I do like how she brought up how she risked everything for him, I hadn’t even thought of that.
Diana: I thought it was pretty realistic. Really, it made no sense to him to sleep with someone else because he thought he was going to die? That’s when you hold on to those you love the most. So I’m with you, Andrea, fuck him. Highlights or no, the weave was fresh.
jen*: As much love as I have for Cho, I’m beginning to be ok with Demetri eating it in the finale. He should be in something else, anyway.

Meanwhile, it was tough to feel a lot of sympathy for Mark. When Hellinger tells you he’s going to make you crack, and you still do it, after all this, I couldn’t help but see the Idiot Ball bouncing around.
Andrea: Can’t agree more. But we’ve all been saying that Mark is stuck on stupid for awhile. With Olivia and his child gone, he’s now swan-diving into suicidal because he no longer has anything to live for … and he knows it. I think his weeping in the clinker is his realization that he can’t control or cheat fate.
Mahsino: He could’ve just let Heilinger go after he realized he was right.
Diana: No one ever accused Mark of being the brightest bulb in the pack.
jen*: Seriously – pure Idiot. It would’ve been nice to see a change just to throw a surprise in. Instead, Mark marches directly towards his doom. Here’s hoping he actually does bite the dust.

Is anybody else thinking that Lloyd’s son and Gabriel could’ve solved this mess weeks ago?
Andrea: Then this whole show would’ve been a mini-series…which, considering how this show has gone, might have been a better idea.
Mahsino: It was originally supposed to be a 10-episode miniseries, which would’ve probably saved a whole lot of head-desking.
Diana: The kids and Gabriel are the only characters that make sense all the time. I am somewhat curious to read the book this show was based on so I can get some perspective on how the plot and characters originally played out.
jen*: I’m leaning toward the book, too, Diana. And wouldn’t it have been great if they’d gone for a mini-series? They could’ve cut out all those boring episodes in the middle, and all that crap with Stark. Lloyd [reprising Steve] is bumbling around, not realizing his kid can help him without physically being in the Benford house. Which reminds me – Olivia and Zoey seem to be the ONLY sane people on the show right now. Zoey’s going to Hawaii to get away from the drama and stupidity. Olivia’s chilling with the kid in an undisclosed loc – cuz sleeping around on your hubby [even if it *is* Mark Benford] doesn’t help to save the world. Maybe the ladies should’ve carried the show.

Vogel had the line of the episode, no?: “Clean yourself up, playboy” made me laugh.
Andrea: Dunno, it didn’t make me slap my knee or anything. I think I was still livid over Dem’s betrayal. Wait — I am still livid over Dem’s betrayal.
Diana: Actually, that line didn’t really make too much sense to me. I know Heilinger had just gotten a beat down, but, really, how was he supposed clean up while on his back and handcuffed?
Arturo: Well, really, he couldn’t. But it was the casual tone in Michael Ealy’s delivery that sold it for me. Relaxed snark is always the best.
Diana: I’ll be the first to admit that I take some things too literally, Arturo. If I had written a line for that moment, it would have been something like, “You’ve seen this moment a million times before, but you still just got beat down by wimpy Mark Benford; whatchya gonna to do now, playa playa?”
Mahsino: I vote we time travel and have the writers use Diana’s line. I have to agree I took it too literally, and even though it was a taunt, it just made his character look like an even bigger tool.
jen*: Watching the show as a lame duck means lines aren’t really sinking in with me – but I second Mahsino’s motion.

keiko1Open Mic!
Andrea: I was sort of surprised that Bryce walked away from his alleged here-and-now love to find Keiko … and sort of proud, in a way. I didn’t think he had it in him to leave her. Not that I’m thinking that Bryce, therefore, deserves Keiko’s attention or affection, the way he carried on in Japan. (Again, I’m holding out for the Emil-Keiko romance.) Then again, this also re-sets their story to his “white-savior rescuing” her from her life in Japan. Story arc of ewww, Bryce and Keiko.
Mahsino: Yeah, I wasn’t at all comfortable with how we’re supposed to forget about Emil and his halfstache. But the way he just left whatshername hanging just highlighted his flakiness. If I were Keiko, I’d take his infatuation with a grain of salt.
Diana: She should just go ahead and get on the plane with her mama.
jen*: Any scene with the candy striper is a scene I’m not into. Any scene with Bryce [sans Keiko] is a scene I’m not into. This also goes for Stark and anyone involved in his arc. I’m actually kinda thrilled that this show is almost over, because I’m done. And maybe that sounds a lil callous, but I really am over it all. It’s like someone told the writers the show was axed so they didn’t have to try anymore. Mark does every single stupid thing he shouldn’t – warned or not. He seems too simple to have even attained the rank in the FBI that he has. Dem, apparently aware of the shows imminent demise, has thrown his lot in with Janis and Simon? I’m of the opinion, if the writers/creators don’t care – why should I? I’m a little down, just cuz I don’t really see anything promising to watch in the fall. Guess I’ll just keep looking.

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