Circling The Drain: The Racialicious Roundtable For FlashForward 1.20

Hosted By Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


It wasn’t our fault, promise. Well, at least we don’t think so.

FlashForward officially entered lame-duck status last week, making “The Negotiation” awkward to watch, despite it finally putting its’ players, as Gabriel would say, “where they need to be.” For the first few minutes, watching Wedeck rally the troops – and credit to Courtney B. Vance for making this speech shiny yet not-saccharine – I thought this was the finale. Gang, your thoughts?

Andrea: As much as I had patience with the show to establish itself, another part of me wonders if the creatives thought they had more time to develop the show, considering that far worse shows have been picked up. I guess they forgot they were on ABC, not the CW (or whatever the hell it’s called nowadays).
Mahsino: No Andrea, it wouldn’t have lasted that long on the CW, too many people of color. But yeah, I kept checking IMDB to see if this was the season finale.
Arturo: Y’know, I’m not so sure. The CW lusts after the younger demos enough to think it would’ve been more likely to accept J-Cho as a lead actor vis-a-vis J-Fiennes. And while Smallville is positively bad, the network’s shown a steady hand in letting that fandom develop over the past 10(?!) years.
jen*: It did seem like the finale. But I’m not thinking the CW would go for a show with so many old people … playing old people.

If/when we start a bowling team, I’m hiring CB Vance to do our pre-game speeches, deal?
Andrea: It took me a minute to figure out that he’s doing the weekly into voice-over. If it were me, I’d go with “Cho. And I think y’all know what state I’d want him in when he’s making the speech. :-)
jen*: I’m LOVING Vance, here. In fact, IMO he’s probably one of the people best-served by this show, just getting his face and talents out there. I’d love to see him in something else anytime soon. He could totally be presidential, I think.
Diana: ::Does cartwheel in gleeful anticipation.::

Did a gaggle of Lost fic-writers get ahold of the script? Because the Simon fanservice went way off the rails this week – “Look! Even formerly presumed lesbians want him!” “Look! Here he is shirtless in a douchey hat!”
Andrea: Y’all know my dislike of Simon. But I’ma give him the hat. He looked rather jaunty in it…though I do think he should’ve done a “Smooth Operator” spin and disappear from the room after his chat with Elvira and Viggo Mortensen’s younger brother.
Mahsino: Re: presumed lesbians, I think I’d just describe it as her doing her job (pretending to be interested in Simon and Janice). I’ll give it a pass since she doesn’t have a back story yet and just call her bisexual for now. And yeah, it was a douchey hat and it called too much attention to his jowls.
Arturo: You might be right on that one. Still, I found it curious that we got an inferred flirtation during her interaction with Janis, but when we got to Simon it became a case of OHMYGODGUYSHETOTALLYHITTHAT. It harkens back to your past observations about Janis being a “wish-fulfillment”-sort of lesbian for some segments of the audience.
jen*: I’m on Team Hat, here. I liked it. Though I would have been even more pleased if he’d had his shirt on. And what an outtake that would’ve been to see, if he pulled an MJ, put on his ‘Smooth Criminal’ hat, and disappeared a la Remember the Time.
Andrea: Or at least do the “Smooth Operator” lean.
Arturo: I dunno, gang, I don’t think Monaghan wants to step into Sam Rockwell territory.
Diana: The hat did look good on him, but I still don’t understand why his character gets so much action. He was with that lady on the train when first introduced; he’s been giving Janis come hither looks for a while; and now this. Somebody on the writing staff must be crushing on him hard.

demjanis1And then, Janis. On the one hand, she finally knows she’s been played by all sides. On the other, her GTFO stance toward Demetri is, pardon my french, a dick move.
Andrea: See, ol’ girl was, relatively speaking, better off going to a sperm bank. Now, I’m thinking Zoey’s going to shoot Dem in the chest for this mess. SMH all around.
Mahsino: In her defense, she didn’t actually think he’d be alive to want to raise this kid, so she probably did equate it to the next best thing to a sperm bank under the circumstances. Her attitude pissed me off. She keeps saying she doesn’t want him involved with her mess, but it’s a bit too late for all that, Zoey’s probably going to figure out somethings up once she sees Janis’ daughter.
Arturo: No kidding; without an acknowledgement that he a) told Zoey and b) that she’s onboard with this plan, it’s hard to see how Dem thought that would work out. Is he gonna ask Janis to put the kid in a lucha libre mask whenever she’s near Z?
jen*: Ok. I was holding out for some miraculous, other-worldly explanation. And now I’m just pissed. I was even hoping Janis would say the baby wasn’t real – or maybe that Dem isn’t the daddy – but this? Not Cool. And for someone who’s gonna be a mom, Janis doesn’t seem to think ahead much. Obviously Zoey’s gonna hafta be connected to the baby – maybe even more if Demetri dies.
Diana: Andrea, I predicted a while ago that Zoey would shoot him when all this baby donor stuff started percolating. We’ll see.

demzoey1Speaking of Dem, he’s fairly trapped himself: by Zoey, by his infidelity with Janis, and now seemingly by destiny.
Andrea: See, if Dem would have read our Roundtable where we discussed this very issue, he would have just been trapped by destiny. But, ooooooh noooooo, he had to get his baby daddy on. ::bitchlips::
jen*: For real. Things didn’t have to go down this way, unless they were planning on getting rid of Dem by the end of the season anyway. In which case I wouldn’t have watched season 2, even if it wasn’t canceled.
Diana: For real, for real. He could have been working on perpetuating his legacy through Zoey.

Open Mic!
Arturo: I’ll just go ahead and say it – no matter how the Aaron Stark plotline plays out, his saga was a burden this over-staffed show couldn’t afford. Especially not when the Jericho link to the GBO was only mentioned in passing, and not by any of the bad guys.
Andrea: Co-sign, Arturo. But then, I feel the same way about Mark. ::shrug::
Mahsino: Agreed, his storyline is a waste of time, but what bothered me more is the fact that the Big Bad supposedly has been sponsoring Simon since he was a wee lad, yet they look the same age.
Arturo: It’d be more fitting for Viggo Jr. is either a mid-level operative or just the latest in a prior line of Big Bads. But, again, we didn’t get enough meat on the bones of their story other than, “oooh, they want to knock the world out, boogedy boogedy.”
jen*: The most useful part of the Stark story was Wedeck’s use of the intel. I feel like they could’ve had him multitasking earlier on, and left out more of the minutely boring details that translated into blah episodes mid-season. As for Mr. Blonde Baddie? Too much hair. I couldn’t take him seriously. And I kinda thought he looked younger than Simon. I’d expect The Bad Guys™ to be a group you had to work your way up in…not just step into after undergrad.
Diana: Even though I am not a real fan of Mark, I was really impressed by his posing as Gabriel and going after Viggo Jr. like he did and the calling Janis on her BS. But, it’s a little too late to become invested now. Obviously.

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