Friday Announcements: No Bill 94 Day of Action; Transformative Works & Culture Call for Papers; Blogging While Brown (DC); Journalism That Matters (Detroit)

No Bill 94 Day of Action: May 18 (Facebook/Canada)
Will you allow your government to deny essential services to women based on what they wear?

Take Action on May 18th! Say NO to Bill 94!

Facebook event:

Bill 94 is proposed legislation in Quebec, which if approved, would deny essential government services, public employment, educational opportunities, and health care to Muslim women who wear the niqab (face veil).

Take Action to defend women’s access to public services.

Take Action to support women’s rights and freedoms in Canada.

Take Action to stop Bill 94 from becoming law.

Speak up! Write, email, phone, fax Quebec Premier Jean Charest, along with Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities Yolande James, Minister of Justice Kathleen Weil, and Minister of Culture, Communications & the Status of Women Christine St-Pierre to voice your concern regarding the discriminatory Bill 94. CC us at along with your Member of Parliament, Member of the Legislative Assembly, and Member of Provincial Parliament. Send a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff, M.P., Liberal Leader. Contact information for the above can be found here.

Organize! Endorse the No Bill 94 Coalition’s statement found here. Circulate this call to action widely to your networks. Have conversations with them about your concerns about Bill 94 and refer them to articles on the proposed legislation. And sign the petition.

Get Creative! Host an action in your community, make a video, hold a press conference, run a workshop, throw call-in parties, letter-writing events & blogathons, to ensure that our voices are heard. Email us your creations and actions at

Use Media! Use social media outlets. Make your profile pic to one found here. Change your Facebook status or tweet – “Will you allow your government to deny services like emergency health care, education, legal assistance & day care to women based on what they wear? TAKE ACTION on May 18! Say No to Bill 94!” Post and re-post interesting articles talking about Bill 94 anywhere you can – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites etc.

The No Bill 94 Coalition is endorsed by: AQSAzine, Assaulted Women’s and Children’s Counselor/Advocate Program at George Brown College, The Centre for Women and Trans People University of Toronto, Ryerson Students’ Union, The Centre for Women and Trans People York University, Coalition of concerned women of Kitchener Waterloo, The Council of Agencies Serving South Asians, Frontline Partners with Youth Network, The Miss G__ Project for Equity in Education, Metropolitan Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children, Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, Muslim Students’ Association, University of Toronto, The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto, Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, Ontario Women’s Justice Network, Ontario Public Interest Research Group York, Ontario Public Interest Research Group University of Toronto, Ontario Public Interest Group Kingston, Quebec Public Interest Research Group McGill, Quebec Public Interest Research Group Concordia, Parkdale Community Legal Services, South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, Springtide Resources, Urban Alliance on Race Relations, Toronto Women of Colour Collective, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, The Canadian Arab Federation, York Federation of Students, University of Toronto Students’ Union

Call for Papers: Race and Ethnicity in Fandom (Transformative Works and Cultures)

Transformative Works and Cultures, an online-only, peer-reviewed journal focusing on media and fan studies, broadly conceived, invites contributions for a special issue on race and ethnicity to be published in summer 2011. Academic scholarship on fan cultures and fan productions over the past few decades has focused primarily on gender as the sole category of analysis. There has been little published scholarship on fan cultures and productions that incorporates critical race theory or draws on the rich array of methodologies that have been developed during the past century in both activist and academic communities in order to incorporate analysis of the social constructions of race and ethnicities in fandoms. In contrast, fan activism and fan scholarship (at cons, workshops, and on the Internet) has produced a growing body of work (personal narratives, essays, carnivals, and in recent months, a press) focusing on not only analyzing but also confronting hierarchies of race and ethnicity and their relationship to gender, sexuality, class, and disability. Submissions by academics, acafans, fan scholars, and fans are encouraged. In all categories, people of color are especially encouraged to submit.

Topics might include but are not limited to:
· Online activism and the circulation of critical race theory and women of color feminisms in fan communities, in particular the relationship between fan online discourse and other online activist communities.
· Critical analysis of the instantiation and critique of racial hierarchies in fan communities and the surrounding cultural productions.
· Racist and antiracist issues in commercial transformative works (comics, film, mashups, remixes, machinima, etc.), especially recuperative race readings (e.g., Randall’s The Wind Done Gone, Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea).
· Race concerns in source texts (characters of color and their fannish reception, fandoms for work by authors of color, writing fannish original characters, etc.) and fannish responses (such as the Carl Brandon Society, Verb Noire, and other panfannish and professional projects).
· Intersection of race and ethnicity with gender, sexuality, class, and ability in fannish contexts in fan works and fan communities (pre-Internet, Internet, conventions, vids, fan fiction, artwork, etc.).

Submit final papers directly to TWC by October 1, 2010 at Please visit TWC’s Web site for complete submission guidelines. Please contact the guest editors with questions or inquiries.

Registration for Blogging While Brown Conference Now Open

The Blogging While Brown Conference is in Washington DC from June 18 -19 this year. Visit the website here to register and check out the video below for conference info.

INVITATION: Journalism That Matters comes to Detroit, June 3-6

Participate in “Journalism That Matters Detroit — Create or Die: Forging communities that initiate, incubate and innovate.”

This focused, three-day gathering of results-driven, action-oriented participants will discover, assess, shape and create forward-looking enterprises focused on key elements of community — diversity, shared values, respect, participation and developing youth.

JTM especially invites persons of color — journalists, entrepreneurs, programmers, technologists, bloggers, videographers, venture capitalists, artists, funders, educators and all who have an interest — to explore how voices often unheard or misrepresented can reshape the future of journalism.

For nearly 50 years, American journalism was financed by an historically unprecedented consumer-driven economy. This put pressure on editors, producers and reporters to focus on mainstream audiences attractive to advertisers. Cable television, and now the Internet, have made it economically feasible to profitably market to niche communities. For the first time, poor, ethnic and disadvantaged communities and under-represent constituencies of all economic strata are no longer too marginal to serve. Diverse constituencies must seize the opportunity to innovate with technology and services, legacy media must learn to include these new, niche audiences. Both creators and consumers die — figuratively, they lose influence or visibility — unless they understand the need to diversify.

We’re meeting in St. Andrew’s Hall, a National Register-listed former church, with state-of-the-art TV production facilities next door, and dormitory suite or hotel accommodations. Learn about Detroit’s changing economy as a metaphor for the journalism change and opportunity. Arrive Thurs., June 3, at mid-day, begin with an afternoon orientation, buffet dinner and an agenda-setting evening program. Share/work Friday and Saturday using circle-round and break-out “unconference” collaboration; wrap up and commit to next steps on Sunday morning.

The evolving relationship between news and technology provide a great opportunity for innovation. We’ll open by connecting journalists and technologists through identifying essential elements of journalism. Then journalists and technologists together conceive projects and form design/development teams to conceive or deploy the best tools to put those values and elements into practice.

You need to be part of the conversation. Don’t let this moment pass without taking action. Whether you are a part of a legacy media organization or an individual ready to create something on your own, this conference will create a space for energy and action.


New and unexpected cross-sector collaborations
Broadening a community of practice among people who care about journalism innovation
Nurture and develop journalism entrepreneurship especially for underserved communities and people of color
Learn from stories of successful projects
Discover and engage financial/funding sources to seed new projects

Why Detroit?

Nowhere are economic and media changes in America more stark than in Michigan and Detroit. Time Inc. has placed a year-long emphasis on studying how Michigan will reinvent the American dream. Newspapers in Detroit and Ann Arbor are no longer home-delivered daily. With change comes opportunity, and the changes in America’s industrial heartland are an object lesson for change now reaching media and journalism. Create or die, community and diversity are the messages of Detroit.

Pricing info – Stipends available

REGISTRATION: A sliding scale for early birds; or request a waiver

Because of foundation, donor and participant support, Journalism That Matters convenings have a history of providing registration stipends for people who might, for budget or personal reasons, not be able to pay the full cost of a JTM event. When you start the registration process by clicking below, you will have several “early-bird” choices until registration rates rise on April 1. If you cannot afford full registration, pay a refundable $25 and add your name to our first-come-first served roster for a registration payment waiver and stipend. If by May 1 we are unable to grant a waiver, and you cannot attend at the regular price, we’ll refund your $25 upon request.
Regular-participant: $295
Non-profit or academic: $175
Unemployed or underemployed: $95
Enrolled student: $75
Fee to confirm stipend request: $25

For special registration requests, email

Click here for more information and registration.

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