On Target: The Racialicious Roundtable For Flashforward 1.19

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


Not to say “Course Correction” was perfect, but it was definitely pretty good. If this is to be FlashForward’s only season – and there’s still a chance it might not be – then at least the creative team appears headed toward a stronger finish than we could’ve expected. In a very nice touch, we got both callbacks to Al’s suicide and another fresh team-up for Demetri, this time with the returning Fiona (between this ep and her guest stint on Doctor Who, it’s been nice seeing Alex Kingston on a regular basis again). This freed up Mark to finally break thru on one major clue while resolving another. So, fellow Roundtablers, where was this ep in the first half of the year?

Mahsino: Probably with the rest of the straws they were grasping at.
Diana: Couldn’t say it better, Mahsino.
Andrea: Ha! Get it, Mahsino.
jen*: Word.

Interesting to see that the more you pull Mark away from the rest of the ensemble (save Wedeck; Fiennes and Vance have developed some chemistry) the more it benefits everyone. Case in point: Demetri & Fiona just work as a team. And the callbacks to Al really resonated through these two characters. Your thoughts?
Diana: I miss Al. Demetri and Fiona do make a good team. I like Demetri with just about anyone other than Mark.
Andrea: Well, it just goes to show what we’ve been saying all along: Joseph Fiennes and his character really doesn’t –and can’t — serve as the show’s center. As much as I love looking at the man, I know he doesn’t have that leading-man “it-ness.” If anything, Al and his suicide seems to hold the show because it continues to play against the wall of his suicide and if it really changed people’s fates. Now, if the writers can actually get with that, this show just may sweep May.
Mahsino: I agree, Mark doesn’t act as a good lead character, and I don’t think the show needs one main character to constantly save the day. My favorite episodes so far have been the one’s where they mainly focus on one character and let the others act as supporting stories. The better episodes remind me of Heroes: Season 1, the Mark-centered ones are more reminiscent of Heroes Season 2: Benetrelli Boogaloo.
Diana: LOL, Mahsino. Benetrelli Boogaloo = Mark “Meh”-ness
jen*: I definitely prefer episodes that decentralize Mark’s story. I almost feel like the savant is our voice inside the show – “you should be with Lloyd! Not that other guy.”

Also benefitting: Mark himself. He seemed more at ease shutting Simon down and working that case than we’ve seen him all year.
Mahsino: It kind of makes sense. Kidnappings are something an FBI agent would theoretically be trained to deal with as opposed to solving a conspiracy to roofie the whole world.

Diana: Mark definitely came up where Simon was concerned, but still, Simon got away (with the Precious). So I still have to give more props to Simon.
Andrea: He still hasn’t skedaddled back to the Shire? Fuuuuuuuuuck…..
jen*: He seemed more in charge, but I can’t say I was impressed. I still can’t relate to Mark, so I have a hard time caring. Simon practically wore a name tag that said: “Well, hello my name is Simon, and I’m about to go off the grid in order to save my sister and make this show more interesting” but it seems nobody got it until he actually left.

I hope that, next ep, we get Keiko’s perspective of her hospital visit and encounter with Nicole. Otherwise it looks like she’s being portrayed as the “obstacle,” no?
Mahsino: I’m not surprised Keiko’s turned into a plot device to be forgotten(see: Simone from Heroes) but shouldn’t Nicole be trying to figure out who’s going to be drowning her in a few weeks?
Diana: Well, now that Bryce is cancer-free, it’s perfect timing for some kind of Keiko connection to shake things up. Speaking of Nicole, whatever happened to the preacher man?
Andrea: Dunno, gang. Since this is May sweeps after all–and the show is on the chopping block–they just may play up the love triangle. Though I could see the whole thing breaking down to Keiko and Bryce meeting at the restaurant, as seen in their flashforwards, and laughing and talking about the new loves in their lives. (I’m still hoping for a Emil-Keiko romance. Y’all ain’t giving bruh-man’s facial hair enough credit.)
Mahsino: And Emil-Keiko romance would be promising, even if it’s only so she can take a beard trimmer to his face while he sleeps. Let’s not kid ourselves here: this isn’t like Sylar’s eyebrows (ha, beat Arturo to the reference) that somehow add to the hotness, in Emil’s case that mess undermines his optimal eye-candy potential.
Andrea: You think the eyebrows adds … to … Sylar’s… ::blank stare:: But let me shut up ‘coz I was soooo re-crushing on James Frain, who introduced the Black journalist at the beginning of the show. That man ain’t my boo fast enough.
Diana: Andrea, when I saw Frain, I was like “It’s Forney!” (see Where The Heart Is, aka The Wal-Mart Baby Movie).
Andrea: LMAO at “Wal-Mart baby movie,” Diana. (It really was, wasn’t it?) Dunno, homie. If the catch to marrying him was Wal-Mart was sponsoring the wedding and the honeymoon, I’d be like, “What aisles have the tents and the astroturf?” Wow … I wanted to boo him up in since Elizabeth.
Mahsino: All I can think of when I see Frain is Thomas Cromwell, the epic hater from The Tudors. Blech.
Andrea: If you hated Cromwell that much, then my boo did his job. :-)
Arturo: Once again, I have no earthly idea where this thread went. Ha!
jen*: Make that two of us, Arturo. As far as Emil’s facial hair goes, I’m cool with it either way – I guess I just prefer it to be even if he’s gonna go for a goatee. Bryce-Keiko-Nicole is just not interesting enough to be a big deal for sweeps. (As long as Bryce and Nicole are involved, anyway.) But if Keiko came all the way from Japan for her story to just drop off into nothingness? Not cool.

Open Mic!
Diana: I have to get this out before I forget. Was it just me, or did the writers just rip off the plot of those awful Final Destination movies. You can’t cheat death, bitches! This is problematic on several levels– (a) it’s unoriginal; (b) we have to keep on worrying about Demetri dying; and (c) Al basically killed himself for nothing. That last one really burns me. I would much rather the story line focus on preventing the next blackout. Just sayin.
Mahsino: Diana, I was going to say the same thing. This Final Destination ish is unacceptable.
Arturo: As a way to keep everyone “in play” leading to wherever this is going, though, it works for me. And Celia running into a car is more believable than random auto tires flying or whatever nonsense the Destination flicks were peddling.
Andrea: LOL! Homies, it *is* May Sweeps! “Whatever works” seems to be the motto…like making the Shakespeare/Olivia/Lloyd thing even more awkward. 0_0
Arturo: Go fig, I like how that played out. That moment where Mark just realized that things really are going in that direction, then got back to business, was nicely underplayed by everybody.
jen*: The one thing I liked about the “inevitable” car accident was that the phone call to Fiona was so similar to the one that Al got. I have to say though, what were they thinking??? No one pondered that telling a woman to run, and planting someone in a car coming from the opposite direction might have negative consequences? I’ve been feeling ABC’s shows are a little too predictable for a while now, and FF is one of them.

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