links for 2010-05-07

  • "Call Cooley the leading edge of the demographic that rebuilt cities from Boston to Chicago over the past 30 years, but mostly skipped Detroit — suburbanites desperate for a little urban grit.

    "As far as Cooley's concerned, Detroit has always been about more than just cheap real estate.

    "'There's an openness here that New York and Chicago don't have,' Cooley said. 'Unlike other cities, here it's a level playing field — as opposed to 'Get in line.' "

    "It's that field that anchors him here along with the community of like-minded urban enthusiasts. 'Detroiters stick together in difficult times,' he said."

  • "Puma will launch Animagical, new fragrances for men and women, next month. The Animagical duo is fronted by Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and was inspired by 'the magic of Africa'." 
  • "After news of the averted attack, I was hit with a blitzkrieg of texts, Facebook updates and gchat pings. Friends from varying backgrounds — Mexican-American, African-American, Arab-American — wanted to know what I thought about another 'Rage Boy' foolishly attempting to commit violence with an amateurish terror plot. Several made a similar confession: How glad they were that the suspect didn't belong to 'their tribe.' What I did know, with a sinking feeling, was that many moderate, peaceful Pakistani Muslims like me were further doomed to collective mistrust and suspicion."