Janis’ Song: The Racialicious Roundtable For FlashForward 1.18

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García

janis1 After last week’s action-driven ep, FlashForward cooled its’ jets with the Janis-centric “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” which followed up on what had been the series’ most interesting plot-point: that the mother-to-be was actually – DUN DUN DUN – one of the bad guys. As it turned out, being a spy wasn’t exactly what Janis imagined; she doesn’t even like fish! But what’d the Roundtable make of her journey? Glad you asked …

Getting Janis’ backstory really made her a more interesting figure at this point: sure, the Evil! Janis smile was cool at the time, but now we see she’s trapped: by Vogel, by the pet store lady, and in a sense, by her wish to see her FF through. Odds are, though, she’s not going to succeed in her mission to kill Mark, as Charlie’s vision says it’s not “his time” yet. What do you think are her odds?
Diana: Personally, if I was writing for this show, I’d probably have Janis fake her own death and retire on the beach somewhere to have the baby. Maybe she can enlist Vogel or Simon Charlie Hobbit to help. But everyone has pretty much pushed her into a corner. Should be interesting how it all turns out.
Arturo: Something I just thought of, though: upon reflection, I realize that we never actually learn why she joined Dyson’s organization. She didn’t seem disgruntled talking to the “headhunter,” and the GBO seemed to legitimately affect her. Hopefully we’ll get some explanation soon.
Mahsino: Finally, we have a surprising, plausible turn of events. The only issue I have is that nobody has seemed to notice her weekly pet shop visits. Now I don’t own fish, but I doubt you need to go to a pet shop every week for food.
Andrea: Having had fishes for pets, Mahsino, I know the feed lasts for a while. :-) As for Janis, I was mad seeing Demetri hugging up on her in the flashback. I know it was before he met Zoey, but I also have the sinking feeling it was also a foreshadowing that he indeed impregnated Janis. ::Giving Demetri all sorts of side-eye:: At the same time, Arturo, Vogel said Shakespeare died. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? ::shrug::
Arturo: I can’t imagine how Dwyane Wade’s wife and kids would react to that scene, Andrea.
Diana: Arturo, I was also wondering for quite some time during the episode as to what Janis’s motivation was for turning into a double agent. She’s just so damn ambitious, that one! So putting Vogel in the picture clarified a lot for me.
Andrea: Wait … isn’t Janis technically a triple agent?
Diana: Whatever she is, homegirl is working too hard.
Andrea: On my nerves, yes.
Mahsino: As a fellow workaholic, I actually kind of like Janis, sleeping w/Dem notwithstanding. She’s a regular Barbie with all of her side hustles.

Building on that, the scene in the conference room became a bit more tense as a result: you had the mole and Suspect Zero in there, and Vogel … for a sec I thought he was gonna reveal he was a third mole.
Diana: It was tense, especially when they figured out how to put that ring together. I was glad to see Vogel get more depth.
Mahsino: There very well could be a third mole, we still don’t have an answer for why Vreede was typing in the pass code at the FBI headquarters. I’m just sayin, Vogel did say there were about half a dozen candidates that could have been targeted…
Andrea: I think Vogel is the uber-mole. Which, of course, would jaink with Simon Hobbit’s swagger, but I don’t care. I want Simon to skedaddle back to the Shire. As of the first time I had to lay my eyes on him.

In the primary subplot, you had Gabriel literally showing up and us learning he’s been Forrest Gumping it throughout Olivia’s life. Funny, though, how Gabriel and the audience are seemingly in agreement: she really *is* better off with Commodore Lloydington.
Diana: That was freaky and stalker-ish. But you’re right Arturo, he said what we’ve been thinking all along. Dare we hope Mark dies as foreseen and the show continues without him?
Mahsino: You’re right Diana, he basically is a supernatural stalker. I don’t really appreciate them trying to make me care about Olivia with this whole “they can’t solve it without you” business. Even though Mark may be a complete jackass, I still don’t get why Lloyd would be a better husband. Sure he’s not an alcoholic, but he’s been known to bounce when the going gets tough (don’t think I haven’t noticed the writers trying to gloss over the fact that he basically bailed on his autistic son and was only forced to reunite him when his baby-momma died) and he’s a bit narcissistic and prone to leaps of logic. I’m just saying she might want to look before she leaps into another potentially awful relationship.
Andrea: Ooo, Mahsino, good points about Lloyd. I think why I sort of like Olivia with Lloyd is because, unlike Mark, Lloyd knows how to be adult enough to apologize when he messes up–something Mark just seems incapable of doing. And Lloyd has the sense to fall back when necessary, as seen by his “courting” Olivia. Mark is so ridiculous with these flash-forwards –talk about narcissistic!–that he allowed his marriage to fall apart. Now, as for Archstalker Gabriel, I’m going to be honest: every time I see Gabriel, I think it’s Zachary Quinto. Which, as I think about it, would have been a juicier casting choice, being all meta and thangs.
Diana: I’m with you Andrea, he really does look like Zachary Quinto. I was like, is Sylar on this show too?
Arturo: I’m told he was open to the idea, but his eyebrows wanted too much of a raise. Hiyooo!

And then you had Aaron in Afghanistan. At least they acknowledged he was lucky not to get his ass shot.
Diana: “You think you blend in, but you don’t.” I was ready for someone else to pop up and say, “So, take off that damn turban, you poser!”
Andrea: *Dead* Yeah, that was screaming for an extra Racialicious takedown, wasn’t it?
Mahsino: Every time he was on the screen, I kept going “look at this arrogant douchebag, I hope Ravi Kapoor and his thinly veiled British accent kills him.”

Open Mic!
Diana: No Cho in this episode, though. I was full of woe. :(
Andrea: Naw, his impregnating behind was at the beginning of the ep. ::Continues to give Demetri the side-eye::
Mahsino: Even though this episode was light on Cho, it was one of my favorites. The whole Janis storyline has kept me just as engaged as last weeks episode and was filled with pretty decent twists and turns. And hey, at least we now know who lets the masked men in the building. But as a side note, can we please get the actors a voice coach who can train them on how to better hide their accents, it kind of got out of hand this episode. If you want to make someone foreign-born, fine, just get the damn accent right because it doesn’t “sound the same” to all of us.
Diana: I stand corrected. Not enough Cho. I need him in heavy rotation.

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