links for 2010-05-04

  • "Its Twitter account, and another neo-Nazi feed linked to it, are among 4,819 that Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray (top) follows. (See screenshots below.) Stormfront does not reciprocate, however—the group follows no one. Which means that Gray, or whoever is responsible for his Twitter account, sought out the racist organization specifically and decided its tweets were essential reading. Perhaps because they've linked heavily on their feed to stories about the recent Arizona immigration bill and similarly racist-tinged measures in the state to remove teachers with "ethnic" accents from classrooms? Of course, this isn't the first time Arizona's right-wing politicians have been linked with racist groups."
  • "Mr. Patterson, though, is an admirer of Mr. Moynihan's. He seeks to defend Mr. Moynihan's ideas both from his enemies in the 1960s and from later critics who portrayed him as a self-aggrandizing blowhard. Mr. Patterson sees Mr. Moynihan as a "committed liberal" who believed that "unemployment was the major source of instability within poor families" and that "government could and should act to improve their chances in life." It is certainly true that Mr. Moynihan was a child of the New Deal. One of his early ideas was to re-establish twice-a-day mail service to increase civil-service jobs for black males. To many liberals, the Moynihan Report seemed a clarion call for more federal programs to help repair the black family and strengthen inner-city communities."
  • "It is a matter of time before school districts will want to change because they'll realize they're … creating racial stereotypes," Munson said. "I think what this legislation really does is it takes down barriers between racial groups."

    Principal Dale Henry representing the Mukwonago High School Indians said his school would fight any challenge.

    "I feel we are being very respectful in the use of that logo," he told the newspaper."

  • there’s some debate whether a kind of “Creole” Islam has begun to develop in places like Brazil and Cuba.

    “Scholars working on Islam in Cuba will tell you, ‘Yes, there is actually an attempt at Creolization of Islam, or creating a Cuban Islam,’ in which something as unthinkable as eating pork may be something that Muslims in Cuba are considering.”

    Logrono and her project staff have been working on a short documentary for the last year about Islam in the region. It’s limited in scope, focusing on Argentina and Brazil, but Logrono hopes it will give viewers a taste of what life is like for Latin American Muslims."

  • "My concern is not his book, so, it does not matter if I read it or not. My concern is that a very powerful figure said some things in a newspaper interview that I found troubling. I was (and am) sure that Gaiman knows more about American Indians than his words implied.

    I want him to write something about this. Given his fanbase, he could push society to think about the ways we all think, write, and speak about American Indians. He said a little at my blog, clarifying what he meant, but, I want him to write about this on HIS blog. And I want him to tweet it when he does it. "