links for 2010-04-30

  • "Among bachelor-degree recipients, independent students were also more likely to have high-debt levels. About 24 percent of them had at least $30,500 in loan debt, twice the percentage found among students who depend on their parents or another guardian.

    "Independent students, who are disproportionately likely to come from lower-income families, are most likely to have high-debt levels," according to the report.

    The College Board also analyzed the relationship between student debt and race, finding that black students are more likely than Asians, whites, and Hispanics to have high-debt levels. Only 19 percent of black students graduated with no debt, while the percentage of debt-free graduates from other racial groups ranged from 33 for Hispanic students to 40 percent for Asian students."

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  • "Park, a 42-year-old Korean-American with a smile that can only be described as "kind," regularly tried to steer the talk back to the group's more centrist principles. But when someone asked how many people in the room were Republicans, all 80 hands remained down. "I like the civility idea, but I hate the Tea Party people," said attendee Karen Anderson. By the end of the event, some in the crowd had decided the movement, barely two months old at the time, needed a new leader. China Dickerson, a 26-year-old community organizer, said the Coffee Party wouldn't last "unless we get someone a little more powerful to head it." She wanted a rabble-rouser, "not someone that says we can all work together." Park seemed a little rattled after the meeting. "If they want to fire me, this may not be the group for them," she said later. "We don't want conflict and confrontation."
  • "In some way it’s good that she spoke out against the measure, especially coming against the woman that followed her in running the state of Arizona. I am also sure that Napolitano’s calling for comprehensive immigration reform is something that the advocates can and should jump on. However, it seems that Napolitano is being a little untruthful about the role I.C.E has already been playing with 287(g) and other immigration enforcement measures that claim to be out looking for “dangerous” immigrants.

    It could be argued, for example, that 287(g), which yes was started by Bush Jr. and was expanded under Obama, as it was implemented in Maricopa County under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, provided a framework for SB1070."

  • "Many white people feel convicted as a race by terms such as ''gentification,'' when, really they shouldn't be. Displacement of the poor is mostly a show of raw economic and political power that often, but not always, falls along racial lines. And especially in places with strong, black middle-class communities like Chicago and D.C., that does not mean just white power. Denying the black middle class' role in the nationwide urban renaissance is offensive because it gives the false perception that black people lack the agency and means to force progressive ''change'' in a community. In many of these communities, such as Hillcrest, black people have been competitive gardening without white people for quite sometime."
  • "However, Bienvenu Mbutu Mondondo, who has been campaigning for years to have the book removed from Belgian shops, says its depiction of native Africans – including a scene where a black woman bows before Tintin exclaiming "White man very great. White mister is big juju man!" – is ignorant and offensive, and he has applied to the Belgian courts to have it banned.

    "It makes people think that blacks have not evolved," he said.

    The verdict, originally expected today, has now been delayed until next week."

  • …If your email makes the case for a biological reason for racial disparities in intelligence, someone might hit Forward and send it to Black Law Student Associations across the nation.According to our sources, [a Harvard Law School student] made some controversial comments about race at a dinner…After the dinner, DNA felt the need to send an email to a few friends clarifying those views. Here’s an excerpt: "I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent. I could also obviously be convinced that by controlling for the right variables, we would see that they are, in fact, as intelligent as white people under the same circumstances. The fact is, some things are genetic."… after graduation, the author will be doing a federal clerkship.