A Game Of Inches: The Racialicious Roundtable For Flashforward 1.17

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


So, judging by last week’s responses, the future isn’t bright for this show, is it? Or was it something we said? Gang, what do you think?

jen*: That, or everyone was just thinking, “mmm. Cho.”
Diana: I was disappointed, but maybe this week will be better.
Mahsino: yeaaah. maybe it’s a proportional reflection of the decline in ratings?
Andrea: Mmmmmm. Cho.

In some ways, it’s a pity, as this episode was an example of the writers giving us more of what we’ve been after – a clear-cut story focused on action and possible consequences.
jen*: Um, Yeah! Is it really too much to ask to get this on the regular? Are shows just focused on the season open and then a 4-ep build to the finale? Cuz if that’s the case, I can skip the midseason and take up a craft.
Diana: Jen, it’s not too much to ask. But if you do start crafting, may I suggest knitting. You can throw one of the needles at the tv if you need to and not miss a stitch.
jen*: You know, I always did wanna learn how to knit…
Mahsino: I make and elaborately decorate cupcakes, but I hear knitting is nice too. But yeah, I haven’t even been as into an episode as this one.

Go fig, the crux of Nhadra’s vision – Mark, his gun, and Demetri – wound up getting together … but you’d think she’d have mentioned that, “oh by the way, Dem’s in a chair and there’s a big contraption around the gun,” since nearly everybody else has shown a better recollection of their own FF. But anyway, did the tension work for you here?
jen*: I still can’t figure out why she said she couldn’t say anymore – to me, either you help or you don’t. I would like to see more of her on the show, cuz I thought she was kinda cool, but seriously – does everybody have to drop cryptic one-liners? If this is supposedly present day – don’t people speak in sentences and paragraphs anymore?
Diana: I was in agony and was chanting “save, Demetri” throughout the last quarter of the show. If Frost is to be believed, some events leading to the foreseen event can be changed–so maybe Nadra didn’t see this version of the future? I thought it was a good twist that Mark did shoot Demetri’s picture–so technically he shot Dem in effigy.
Andrea: And that’s the twist I like. Now if she would have said (in her sex-ay voice), “Demetri, Mark will shoot you symbolically in the chest,” we all would have given Nhadra more than the usual Snarktable side-eye. Admit it, y’all.
Mahsino: I honestly thought he was dead or was on his way to it.
Andrea: But now that he’s not a dead man walking, next week had better feature him as a live man giving glow.

1x173 About time we showed some love to Vreede, no? He and Olivia make a good buddy-cop team.
jen*: Sometimes I feel like the show is too … formulaic? obvious? Whatever – I expected a little more finesse from Vreede when he and Olivia were approached by the savant. Maybe not a lot, but his character struck me as a little more intuitive than he let on with his repeated motioning to take the guy in.
Diana: Every time I see him, I keep thinking of the pajama party scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back and I cringe. I’m not sure I liked the whole autistic/savant storyline — I have to reflect on that some more. But who knew Elvin was still acting?
Mahsino: I was just thinking the other day about how he’s been banished to “character actor” purgatory. But shame on you, Diana. I had forgotten about How Stella Got Her Groove Back before you mentioned that, even if I can’t held but go “Hey Mr. Angela Bassett, how come your wife is so under-appreciated?” whenever I see Wedeck.
Diana: I may cringe, but I don’t begrudge the brother a job.

Soooo, Gaius Baltar becomes Judah Friedlander. Any other stunt sci-fi casting recommendations?
jen*: I’m only a peripheral scifi fan. I’ll leave this to the experts.
Diana: That one went over my head.
elvin1 Arturo: Now you know how I feel about the Elvin thing.
Diana: Arturo — Cosby Show circa 1983. The doctor who Vreede and Olivia were talking to about autistic patients played Elvin who was married to the eldest daughter Sandra on The Cosby Show.
Arturo: Oh. My. God. THAT GUY?! He’s alive?
Mahsino: I vote Avery Brooks Benjamin Sisko, Emissary of the Prophets as the Big, Big-Bad who has had thousands of Flash-Forwards. Otherwise, Joel McHale is into Sci-Fi.

Open Mic!
Arturo: I have to admit, when I saw 2016 listed as “The End,” my first thought was, well, somebody’s a bit optimistic.
jen*: True. I don’t foresee remembering this show in 2016. Except for the roundtable. My favorite thing? Seeing Elvin as a doctor, finally [instead of a wilderness guide, or whatever else he wanted to be]. It’s been forever! Continuing with the obvious thing, though, I like a bit of mystery, so I’m not a superfan of being spoon-fed meaningful glances at the window-washer, alongside the comments by Itchy-Trigger-Fingers about how she didn’t need to be released, or “win”. I feel like sending the writers a PostSecret card that says: “I get it already!”
Mahsino: I don’t know. If they played their cards right and followed the British system of only a set amount of episodes, they might be on to something. There would be a definate end and they’d have to follow a clear-cut deadline. But it’s doubtful.
Diana: 2016 is optimistic, but, hey, Heroes is still limping along.
Arturo: I just read it might possibly come back for a 13-episode season. NOOOOOOOO!
jen*: Seriously? Heroes is coming back next season? Wow.
Mahsino: Sadly, I had to stand by as my brother got addicted to Heroes and got to watch someone go though hopefulness and disgust within a 2 week period. To be fair, I warned him.
Andrea: Heroes is dead to me. As for the “2016” tease….I’m not biting. If anything, I think FF isn’t going to get renewed and they’re going to go out with some stupid “2-hour event” so they can reveal their secrets and change lives and all the other balderdash basement-rated shows do to generate interest their axed selves. This, honestly, is how Heroes should go out, so at least they can leave with a handkerchief of dignity, which can also serve to wipe their tears of wild disappointment over the missed opportunities to make that show great.

Images and character bios courtesy of FlashForward Wiki

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