Dear John: The Racialicious Roundtable For FlashForward 1.16

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García

He smokes, he sings, he stares down paranoids … “Let No Man Put Asunder” was all about Demetri. Kind of odd, in that an ep named after something you hear at weddings focused nearly exclusively on the groom, but what the heck – the Roundtable didn’t mind him being the focal point of an episode. Mark who?

I guess we should’ve known something big was up when Demetri both talked down *and* shot up the Lone Gunman there all by his lonesome.
Andrea: Demetri is full of awesome sauce, full stop, with a caveat. (I’ll address this shortly.) And it’s about time the writers start realizing who the show’s emotional center is….and it isn’t Mark Shakespeare.
jen*: Dem is awesome – no doubt. I could definitely see him carrying the show from here on.
Diana: Dem’s the man.
Mahsino: I dunno, I hate reckless, illogical thought processes more than I love Dem. When he was doing that I could help but think, wouldn’t it be a bitch if he gets shot here and dies the next day?

I thought the “meet-cute” with Zoey was actually … well, cute. Good for her to take the initiative, I thought.
Andrea: I didn’t think it was cute at all. My heart actually sank when Demetri rebuffed Zoey’s offer with such a derisive snort and the added nastiness of, “There’s not a chance in hell I’d go out with you!” The implicit end of his sentence was, “You fucking (Black) bitch!” (Mind you, she was doing her job.) There’s a peppery battle-of-the-hetero-cisgenders exchange that rom-coms seem to think meet-cutes should consists of (I wholeheartedly disagree with that premise, but that’s me), but Dem’s and Zoey’s exchange just seemed extra. I’m sort of surprised that they got together at all after that, let alone lived together and got engaged.
Mahsino: I have to agree with Andrea, it was uncomfortable.
Arturo: I actually didn’t catch that subtext, mostly because, if Dem’s character were prone to such displays, we might’ve seen more inklings of that up ’til now (racism=”edgy” in tv-land, after all.) Although it’s Demetri’s fault for not pointing out that it had (likely) been weeks between the incident and the trial, so the guy would’ve had plenty of time to change his facial hair.
Diana: It would have been better if they showed a follow-up–a “do over” meet-up when he realizes she’s hot.
jen*: Definitely. Jumping from “no way in hell” to “I wanna marry you” with no ‘this is how they *really* fell for each other’ in the middle just made it awkward.

wedeck1 Slight detour: so, Secret Agent Aaron Stark is mildly more interesting, thanks to Wedeck. I just wish we’d find out whether Jericho is tied to the GBO or not, already.
Andrea: If the rumor is true and FlashForward may not return next season, the creatives may be juicing the arcs with all these “oh sh-t” moments to justify another season. Stark’s upped storyline is a part of that effort. It’s unfortunate that it took the threat of cancellation for the behind-the-scene folks to act right.
Mahsino: I have this sinking feeling that the writers are just throwing stuff up on the wall and hoping something will stick. I would like to say that Jericho ties into the GBO because that would make sense for the storyline, but then you have stories like Bryce and Keiko that have nothing to do with the main plot, so it’s hard to tell how random this is.
jen*: Mildly is right. Wedeck and the VP [who I kinda like] made the Jericho thing WAY more interesting than it had been, but still barely peripheral. If they take a long time unwrapping that package, I will be snoozing before you know it.
Diana: They have been taking way too long in bringing these pieces together. Last time we saw the VP, she was at Wedeck’s throat. Now she pops up just when we have forgotten all about her and she’s asking Wedeck for favors? The continuity is just nonexistent. But I love Wedeck, so I’m glad to see him getting more play.

Back to Dem: are we to believe that he never even told Zoey that (quite possibly) he and Janis tried to conceive, let alone that he, uh, made that shot, too?
Andrea: Waaaaaaaiiiiit….are we sure they even had sex and she conceived because of it? (Praying for sperm donor, praying for sperm donor, praying for sperm donor….) After Simon the Hobbit’s aroused response to figuring out Janis was a mole, I’m not so sure that didn’t become a point of seduction. (Really praying for sperm donor, really praying for sperm donor, really praying for sperm donor…)
Mahsino: I’m hoping a turkey baster or some sort was involved.
Diana: I’m with Andrea and on my knees praying. I’m hoping Demetri was apologizing for not being able to get it up after making the offer. And, if Janis is a mole, isn’t it possible that she is just straight up lying about her flash forward?
jen*: Exactly – that’s what I started thinking about last week. Simon’s lying, why not her? And seriously, I still don’t think it was really him … them … together – just – NO. But maybe I should pray, too.
Andrea: ::scoots over on the kneeler to make room for jen*::
Mahsino: Sorry ladies, but while I hope it ain’t so, the pessimist in me is willing to bet that they did the hibbity-jibity. This show has just gotten too tolerable for it to go any other way.

Even if he got knocked the hell out in his own home, at least Demetri sings better than Vogel, no?
Andrea: On that point alone is why Vogel and Dem can’t partner up: If ya can’t sing with the same person who’s supposed to have your back, then that person just may not have your back. And Vogel gives me the deep impression that he has no one’s back. At all.
jen*: Of course he doesn’t. He wasn’t even around for the transfer of the mole, which I thought would have been all up in his line of business. But ooh wee! John Cho can carry a tune – he’s officially everything on my list – how can I meet this guy??? /teencrushjen* ::clearing throat:: No, Andrea, I wouldn’t pair up Vogel and Dem either. They are not likely to make good partners.
Mahsino: No, they wouldn’t make good partners, but they’d be nice to look at.
Diana: Cho can carry this show by himself. Boy, I wish Al wasn’t dead. Any way of creating Al’s twin to be Dem’s partner? That would be delish!
jen*: Seriously. Seeing Al in the flashbacks was bittersweet.

1x16io9kissOpen Mic!
Andrea: I’m thrilled the new Racialicious Patron Dude of Hawt got some major play this week. I just wish this happened sooner … like every blessed week of this show’s run. All that time wasted … SMDH. On a positive note: he makes a cute drunk, complete with the hugginess. Or a damn good motivational speaker. Can’t tell which.:-D
jen*: Seriously – SO much time wasted. And for what? So we could learn weird stuff about Lloyd and Simon? Eh. But, um, how about that awkwardness between Mrs. Benford and Lloyd? I didn’t get the whole reason why she went to his house. But … whatever, if I were her, I’d rather be with Steve, I mean, Lloyd, too.
Diana: Really, what took Olivia so long? Her whole fidelity battle kind of went out with a whimper.
Andrea: Ya know, as much as I think Olivia is a flat character, I’m going to give her some credit for this. As much as we all think M. Shakespeare is pennis (yes, I called him a “pennis”–and that’s not a typo), Olivia didn’t want her marriage to end … especially in the arms of another man. For all she knew about her flash-forward, she could have cheated on Shakes, which drove him back to drinking. And she didn’t want that guilt. Her crying was the final mourning of her marriage and well as acknowledging that she is subjected to greater forces than her, namely fate in the form of the flash-forwards. For her, being a doctor, that’s some heavy stuff. And Lloyd also showed some incredible restraint, too. All around, I give this a A for “adult.”
Arturo: As booty calls go, I’ll give her props for subtlety. Hopefully Lloyd can steer clear of The Melty Man …
jen*: LOL, Arturo.
Mahsino: You know, she could always blame her daughter for pushing her closer to Lloyd. She tried to stay away, but that meddling kid just had to have those play-dates with Dylan. Jussayin’, if she needs a scapegoat …

Character bios and images* courtesy of FlashForwardWiki
* Final two images courtesy of IO9

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