links for 2010-04-11

  • Make sure you click through to see the pic. – LDP "They came from the far reaches of the Amazon, traveling in small boats and canoes for up to three days to discuss their fate. James Cameron, the Hollywood titan, stood before them with orange warrior streaks painted on his face, comparing the threats on their lands to a snake eating its prey."
  • "The audience is alternately rapturous and … confused. “Black people think they can just make stuff up and get away with it,” she says during one bit that is more than a tad unsafe. “No, I’m sorry — Shoniquodonk is not a name.” Thunderous applause."
  • "Just as the primary and high school education system includes black history month as an additive in a faux attempt at inclusivity, so too are the works of black women occasionally intermingled within women's studies curriculum. Including the works of black women occasionally in a women's studies program is not inclusive; it simply mirrors all of the previous modes of pedagogy that marginalises students of colour, while reifying white hegemony. In fact, the very existence of separate classes dealing with the works of black women, indigenous women and Latina women signify a failure to fully integrate the work of women of colour in all academic endeavours. Despite protestations, the ghettoisation of the work of women of colour too often frames white womanhood as the monolithic norm."