links for 2010-04-05

  • "We can place the figure of the feminist kill joy alongside the angry black woman, explored by black feminist writers such as Audre Lorde and bell hooks. The angry black woman could also be described as a kill-joy; she may even kill feminist joy, for example, by pointing out forms of racism within feminist politics. bell hooks describes for us how the arrival of a woman of color disturbs a shared atmosphere: “a group of white feminist activists who do not know one another may be present at a meeting to discuss feminist theory. They may feel bonded on the basis of shared womanhood, but the atmosphere will noticeably change when a woman of color enters the room. The white women will become tense, no longer relaxed, no longer celebratory.”
  • "It seems to me that what is most important about Kugle's text is the implications such a reexamination of homoerotic desire in South Asian history has for current queer liberation movements. He seems to suggest this as well, saying that "to acknowledge the homoerotic past of Mahmud and Ayaz would give the movement a well-known historic prototype and also show how recently the communalist portraits of Mahmud were invented, and how far they are from capturing an 'authentic' historical reality" (44). "
  • "Mr. Garcia has his feet in two worlds seemingly at odds with each other: He continues to support Mr. Conroy’s claim of innocence and says he believes that his friend has been falsely branded a white supremacist, and yet he also supports the views of many in the Hispanic community that the attack was but one example of the racial and ethnic hatred they face on a daily basis.

    He said that both he and his father had been spit on by white youths, and that a few weeks ago, as his 14-year-old brother was riding a skateboard outside their apartment, an older white man in a yellow car slowed down, laughed and shouted that Mexicans don’t skateboard. "

  • Amy C.M. sent in these photographs of chocolate bunnies she found for sale at Walmart. First, notice that the bunnies are gendered. “Diva Da’ Bunny” is a movie star (Bling! Bling!) and Dude Da’ Bunny likes to jam to his ipod, play video games, and ogle girl bunnies. Notice also how the dude bunny, with his giant gold medallion and hip hop clothes, is charactered as urban or “street,” maybe even Black.
  • The BBC’s decision to close 6 Music and the Asian Network has been widely reported in the media…The Asian Network has provided a foot in the door for many Asian women wanting to work in the media, some of whom have gone on to work in other areas of the BBC. Sonia Deol, Anita Rani, and DJ Kayper have all had successful careers outside of the Asian Network…Asian Network is far from perfect and I never thought I would be campaigning to save an organisation whose management team consists of entirely of men, but it is the only radio station that comes close to meeting my needs as a British-Asian woman.
  • Great news out of Wisconsin that may have an impact for the rest of Trans America! The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin yesterday in ruling on the Sundstrom v. Frank case struck down a law that barred transgender people from receiving medical care while they are incarcerated.
  • [In a group] of foreign ministers invited to a Canadian forum on the Arctic, designed to further cooperation in the region [there was not an indigenous person in the lot.]…And U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is mad about that. Not a single representative from the region’s indigenous groups was invited to yesterday’s Arctic Coastal forum, she says, according to this story by Rob Gillies of the Associated Press. Clinton didn’t hold back. In remarks termed by the Canadian press as a “bombshell,” Clinton said that “Significant international discussions on Arctic issues should include those who have legitimate interests in the region. And I hope the Arctic will always showcase our ability to work together, not create new divisions.”