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  • "Whether we want to admit it or not, the heart of this controversy lies in the aspects of urban culture that Maldonado’s mural highlights – big, gold, doorknocker earrings, belly button rings, nameplate finger-rings, stiletto boots, hi-top sneakers, short skirts, tight pants, long, colorful, fake fingernails, and dyed hair. […]

    Is it possible that we suffer a secret shame induced by our short-skirt, fake-nail, breasts coming out with the belly fat hanging over, Doobie-rocking gals? By the hood chicks? The ghetto-style supergirls, proud to be themselves and will punch you in the eye if you suggest otherwise? I would say yes. And when that shame is magnified, by say 92 feet, our first reaction is to cry, “Take it down! I can’t stand to see.” Or maybe, “Take it down so the good white folks don’t see our shame.”"

  • "The revised standards have far-reaching implications because Texas is a huge market leader in the school-textbook industry. The enormous print run for Texas textbooks leaves most districts in other states adopting the same course materials, so that the Texas School Board effectively spells out requirements for 80 percent of the nation’s textbook market. That means, for insta"nce, that schools in left-leaning states like Oregon and Vermont could soon be teaching from textbooks that are short on references to Ted Kennedy but long on references to conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly.
  • "So when you’re called a bitch, instead of letting the argument get derailed, recognize that you’ve outsmarted them. Reply with ' win! You aren’t smart enough to continue the conversation, so thanks for ending it.' Once they bust out the ad hominem attack. The personal attack that has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation at hand, the conversation is over. And you win, cause they don’t know how to continue."
  • "Today, Native nations are exploring their status as sovereign entities. Oftentimes I’m asked, 'Well, do you have the recipe for a decolonized utopia? What are you offering in place of the entities we live within today?' There are visions of a post-nation, before we are witness to the ravages of the establishment of a foreign government form on our own lives and our organizations.  Foremost, we must have an imagination. We must remember that at one time our ancestors lived in freedom and under political, economic and social entities of their choosing.  Critical Indigenous feminist theorizing can help us imagine the possibilities for a future founded upon our cherished beliefs and philosophies, for they served our grandmothers and grandfathers well."
  • "The compromise would reduce the sentencing disparity to 18 to 1 for people caught with crack cocaine vs. those who carry the drug in powdered form. The current ratio has rested since 1986 at 100 to 1, disproportionately hurting African Americans, who are convicted of crack possession at far greater numbers."
  • But Better Luck Tomorrow could have also easily been a different movie altogether. Justin was originally offered the money to make his film by investors if he could do just one little thing…change the characters from Asian American to Caucasian. He obviously refused, but perhaps in an alternate universe, that world’s Justin Lin was so sick and tired of eating ramen three meals a day and carrying a six-figure credit card debt that he decided to accept the offer.
  • "Disney is wringing the pink out of its princess movies.
    "After the less-than-fairy-tale results for its most recent animated release, 'The Princess and the Frog,' executives at the Burbank studio believe they know why the acclaimed movie came up short at the box office.
    "Brace yourself: Boys didn't want to see a movie with 'princess' in the title."
  • "Another point against the movie; there are absolutely no characters of color in the entire film, either in Real World England or in Wonderland. Considering it is Victorian England and at an upper-class event, the lack of diversity is understandable. But Wonderland is an imaginary world populated by fantastical creatures and characters of all shapes, sizes, and colors. They've got singing flowers and mice with swords, but not a single POC? That's what I call a race-fail."
  • As abolitionist vegans and feminists, we oppose the use of sexist tactics in the animal advocacy movement. Ethical animal rights veganism is part of the logical conclusion of opposition to the exploitation of all sentient beings — both human animals and non-human animals. Opposing speciesism is incompatible with engaging in sexism or any other form of discrimination, such as racism, heterosexism, classism, and other forms of oppression.

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