links for 2010-03-10

  • "Last year I shared some information with you about the Islamic superheroes known as the 99. This year I have an update. Apparently it is well on it's way to become an animated series. The rather long clip below shows some of the 99 in action and even provides a history/origin for the 99 stones that grant the new users their power."
  • "Garner and Holmes have been in an on-again-off-again relationship for more than 14 years. When asked why they took so long to realize they were right for each other, Garner and Holmes joked that their relationship is kind of like the movie, It’s Complicated. Along with two other African-American couples at the Human Rights Campaign’s Equality Center, the mothers of four and grandmothers of seven will finally jump the broom, a full 13 years after Garner first proposed to Holmes."
  • "But at least Mo'Nique won for a role in a film by and about black people, not for playing a sassy maid, right? Well, yes and no. It's fantastic to see black filmmakers recognized — just as it's fantastic to see a woman win best director, even if it's for a distinctly testosteroney film — but that hardly means we've transcended demeaning stereotypes. Don't get me wrong — Mo'Nique did a marvelous job with the material. But that material was, in one critic's description, "an over-the-top political fantasy that works only because it demeans blacks, women and poor people" — and Hollywood doesn't seem to have wrestled too hard with the question of why such movies are frequently crowd pleasers."
  • "Mr. Lucero was attacked by seven teenagers who, the police said, had made a sport out of assaulting Hispanic men, calling it “beaner hopping.” Mr. Lucero’s death prompted widespread outrage and exposed racial tensions in Patchogue, where a number of Latinos came forward after the attack to describe muggings and assaults that had them living in fear.

    Now, as Jeffrey Conroy, 19, becomes the first defendant to go on trial in the case, jury selection has proven difficult, in part because of the views on Latino immigration held by some prospective jurors in Suffolk County. "