links for 2010-03-05

  • "According to an investigative media report, former leasing agents for the complex say Muslims, whom managers referred to as “curry people,” were routinely refused apartments even when there were vacancies. The leasing agents said they were told by their supervisors that they could only rent to Muslims if they were all kept in two buildings of the 21-building complex."
  • "Philadelphia may prove the perfect place for these settlers to stimulate a similar turnaround. The economic decline that has plagued the city actually makes it an attractive place to start over. Vitiello says that among the most important factors in a host city is affordable rent, and Philly clearly has neighborhoods full of cheap housing compared to other Eastern cities like Boston, New York and Washington D.C. The low rents offset the subpar wages earned by refugees who are typically placed in low-skilled, minimum-wage jobs with manufacturing companies, nursing homes, parking garages, the hospitality industry and the airport."
  • "Also scheduled is a visit to Jaipur, which “has intrigued and seduced travelers, wanderers, caravans and traders throughout history.” Yes, OOOOH EXOTIC. There you’ll “have dinner with a local family” for that oh-so-authentic touch of “traditional warm Rajasthani hospitality”. (I am reminded of how Thailand’s tourist industry bills it as the “Land of Smiles,” & how the Philippines is often referred to as full of friendly, helpful people. Shall we examine what might incentivize such behavior? Shall we look at what might motivate the West to view certain nations in these terms?)"
  • "The problem is not that the Compton Cookout happened, though that is a problem, or even that the Koala then used campus resources and campus television to directly violate the code of conduct and principles of community, I think the broader problem is that we have a longstanding campus climate which the students, faculty and administration have been well aware of for at least, you know, this administration since Chancellor Fox, with all due respect, came into the position, that has yet to be fixed. And that the incredible sense of hostility and alienation toward African-American students and other students of color is what made this kind of event permissible. So when we say how could this happen? How could they think this is okay, I think honestly as teachers and as administrators, we have to look at ourselves and say they think it’s okay because we have not created an educational climate that tells them that it’s not."
  • "Apparently I’ve been living under a rock and missed an incident on Twitter where a demon spirit took control of MSNBC’s Toure’s Twitter account and made the kinds of statements one might expect from a BET employee or independent contractor. And you would think MSNBC would have learned from Don Imus. "
  • "Multiple choice: Last night, jack-of-all-pop-culture Touré was… (a.) Twitter-hacked by his "cousin (PhD student/insane mf)" (b.) insensitive about delicate issues like rape, race, and sex (c.) a genius at stoking controversy (d.) all of the above."