Random Announcements

by Latoya Peterson

This should really wait until tomorrow, but I am too excited so I’m just gonna share this now:

On Tuesday, March 16th I will join N’Gai Croal and Naomi Clark to chat about Social Justice and Video Games. I am excited for a lot of reasons, but also because thanks to some of the technology at SXSW, this could be the first time we can turn a talk into a full web experience – so even if you can’t attend the conference, there will be audio/video/transcripts/further reading. If this works, I’ll have a better way to share all the info from all the awesome events I attend, instead of transcribing conference notes.

(Big thanks to my friend Lauren who designed the logo on the fly!)

Also, the Women’s Media Center’s Progressive Women’s Voices program is still looking for new applicants until this Sunday, Feb. 28th. Carmen and I went through the program in 2008 and found it extremely beneficial and rewarding. Since we need the voices of women of color represented…well, in just about every mainstream space, so apply, apply, apply. They pay for your travel and training, and you learn about blogging, op-ed writing, positioning yourself as an expert, honing your messages, conducting radio interviews, television interviews, writing books, and building your brand. If you didn’t make it in once (there are only 10 slots) apply again. But apply. Or nominate some of the awesome women you know to participate.