links for 2010-02-11

  • "This joint event featured a panel discussion exploring contemporary American Indian life, opportunities and challenges for American Indian creative professionals in the entertainment industry, as well as current and future media representations.

    “'The first thing we would like you to know is that American Indians are extremely diverse,' Wescott said. 'There are over 500 American Indian tribes. Tonight, we invite you to open the door and see what kind of Native stories you can tell and what kind of Native talent you can use in your projects.'”

  • "Race pales! Ha ha! Get it?! Yes, in the Hierarchy of Oppression, it is worse to be dead than black. Just so you know."
  • "Some may wonder whether heritage and ethnicity really matter anymore in a society that fancies itself postracial, but Mr. Gates has his recent 'beer summit' experience as evidence to the contrary. It was while returning from a trip to China last summer to research Mr. Ma’s ancestry that Mr. Gates was handcuffed after breaking into his own house in Cambridge, Mass. (The arresting officer said Mr. Gates had been uncooperative and said he would speak to “your mama.” That sounded like a slur but could also have been name-dropping, though Mr. Gates later told the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd that he hadn’t mentioned Yo-Yo Ma in the altercation.)
  • "Kalima, a brilliant young African-American biogeneticist, finds her cutting-edge research bringing her into ideological conflict with her mother, Claire, who runs a foundation dedicated to “melanin science”. Claire fervently believes that the pigment melanin makes African-Americans genetically superior.

    L.A. Theatre Works produced RELATIVITY for its Relativity Series of science-themed plays…"

  • "Though Bera's parents and many other Indian Americans of their generation focused mainly on getting good jobs and a good education for their children, today's generation is working its way into politics and public service.
    “'Politics is the natural transition,” Bera said. “We actually have a chance to give back to the country that benefited us.'
    "Their efforts are paying off."
  • But for Russians of African descent, in particular, the new U.S. leader is a potent symbol of triumph over the same challenges they themselves face in a country where dark-skinned people remain rare and often unwelcome…Racism, long officially denied under the communist regime, is a reality in modern-day Russia, where nationalist groups and xenophobia are on the rise.