links for 2010-02-08

  • "The struggle to create a Sikh homeland began as early as the 1947 Partition of India, but gained strong support during the 1970-80's as political activists pushed the Indian government towards recognition. With the rise of digital communication technology like the Internet – and now social media – Khalistan's fight expanded onto a worldwide stage. Early Sikh militancy fizzled in favor of the new concept of a "virtual Khalistan," to the point where Khalistan now exists more as an idea than a set of distinct territorial claims."
  • "One of the most incredible things about Bob was his prescience. His lyrics spoke about issues that are tragically timeless — poverty, struggle, hunger, and pain. Not being able to pay your bills. Not being able to feed your kids. And while singing
    about that, he sang about revolution, self motivation, and rising above that which angers you. "
  • "A legal group filed a federal civil-rights complaint against the Philadelphia schools yesterday, claiming the district discriminated against Asian students at South Philadelphia High School.

    The complaint, lodged with the Justice Department by the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, claims the district acted with "deliberate indifference" to the harassment of Asian students and with "intentional disregard" of their welfare."

  • Lil Wayne was vocal about how humbled and honored he was to be taking over folk icon Bob Dylan's part on Monday night's remake of "We Are the World." But at the end of his soft-spoken comments to reporters during the recording session, the New Orleans-bred rapper added one more thought that instantly sent a buzz through the room.

    "I think it's amazing what's been done for Haiti," Wayne said…then he added, "But I also think it's amazing what hasn't been done for New Orleans."