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  • "Jenn F. found herself faced with a 'Lucky Taco' at the end of her meal at a Mexican restaurant. It contained the following text: 'Paco says, ‘A bird in hand can be very messy.’”

    "Is this is an appropriation of another culture? A cruel parody of an authentic tradition? An offensive stereotype to begin with that is no less offensive when re-racialized? Or something else?"

  • "She added: ‘This is completely my design. I just sketched it out. The whole idea is just about the illusion that I’m wearing a deep V-neck. Then the idea was to wear shorts that were like the same colour as my skin. It works very well, apparently.'

    "The extra attention did nothing to distract the American from her third round match against Australian Casey Dellacqua, which she won comfortably in two sets."

  • "Even in bankruptcy, the quarterback remains a valuable commodity; for many, his redemption will be strictly a matter of his playing football well. And if he doesn't, well, at least he won't be shot, drowned or hanged for it."
  • “For the last five decades the Starlite Lounge has been a safe haven to members of our community and a space of significant historical relevance for New York City residents. This incredible run in Crown Heights is now being threatened as Starlite was served with eviction papers last week without being given an opportunity to negotiate with the building’s owners. The proposed closing has brought people together to fight against this unfair eviction of an openly gay-friendly establishment in the heart of Brooklyn.”
  • "And while the Americans said they did not intend to offer the children for adoption, the Web site for their orphanage makes clear that they intended to do so."
  • "This exhibition, guest curated by Dexter Wimberly, will examine how urban planning, eminent domain, and real estate development are affecting Brooklyn’s communities and how residents throughout the borough are responding. The exhibition will include the works of several Brooklyn-based artists, as well as those who have been forced to relocate as a result of gentrification. In addition to works of art featured at MoCADA, there will be a schedule of public programs taking place throughout Brooklyn."
  • "Islande Normil, 31, said that five years ago she gave her two eldest — Ronason and Jameson, now 12 and 10 — to an adoption agency and that she assumes they are both in the United States. Another child, a 10-year-old girl, is in an orphanage in Haiti, she said, awaiting parents who may want her in another country. Normil is left with a 3-year-old girl, who rocked in her arms as she talked to a foreign visitor.

    "Some people blame me for what I did — that I gave them away," she explained. "But I gave them a better life."

  • "The demented doctor covered every one of the book's 180 pages, interspersing his thoughts on everything from art, literature, religion, modernity, German history and women's rights to predictions for the future of mankind. The themes which obsessed him in life – eugenics, natural selection and the recurring concept of loyalty – fill the pages."
  • "The American missionaries seem to have assumed that they knew how to care for Haitian children better than the Haitian government or even their own families. And while, as Smolin says, the people of Haiti do need our help, that help shouldn't come in the form of lies and law-breaking. Silsby and her group have illustrated the worst possible model of international aid, in which rather than listening to what suffering people need, outsiders make decisions for them."
  • "Tech-savvy gangsters have long been at home in chatrooms and on Web sites like MySpace, but they appear to be gravitating toward Twitter and Facebook, where they can make threats, boast about crimes, share intelligence on rivals and network with people across the country. "We are seeing a lot more of it," Johnston said. "They will even go out and brag about doing shootings."

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