Picture This: Chromatic Comics Remixes Your Fandoms

by special correspondent Arturo R. García

Chromatic 1

My friends at Fantastic Fangirls turned me on to the Chromatic Comics meme that went around LiveJournal, Dreamwidth and similar blog sites. Simply put: a number of bloggers re-cast various fandoms with all-POC casts. Below are a few notable examples with links attached.

From Bossymarmalade’s Chromatic Marvel, you saw Vanessa Williams as Emma Frost up top. Add to that:

Diego Luna as Gambit

John Cho as Multiple Man

From Entwasian’s Chromatic Buffy:

Percy Daggs III as Xander Harris

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Angel

Trascendenza tackled both the new Star Trek and DC Comics:

Wanda Sykes as Leonard McCoy

and I’ve been calling for this for awhile now: Gina Torres as Wonder Woman

And a hearty shout-out to FF’s Sigrid for this:

So, just to review, a handful of geeks with access to IMDb have come up with non-white casts for at least three different Marvel Universe movie franchises, plus some DC, Buffy, and Star Trek. The next time someone says that people of color aren’t cast in geek franchises because there aren’t enough qualified actors for the roles, feel free to link them to any of these.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Also see:

* Handyhunter’s Chromatic DC/Marvel (NOTE: male swimsuit pic inside)
* Nextian’s Chromatic Lucifer
* Livia’s Chromatic Marvel
* St Aurafina’s take on Michelle Rodriguez as Wolverine