Help The Center for the Asian Pacific Family Raise A Million Dollars To Help Fight Domestic and Sexual Violence

by Latoya Peterson

I received an email from George Wang, explaining how important it is to rock this vote:

I wanted to bring to your attention the Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF).  CPAF is the only organization that provides multilingual hotlines and emergency shelters serving Los Angeles County.  They lost funding this year due to the recession and may have to shut down critical hotlines and shelters for the battered and abused women.  Without the shelters, these victims will have nowhere to go.  Currently, CPAF is in contention for $1 million dollars in the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook after making the Top 100 out of half a million groups in round one.  Vote for CPAF here.

I am asking you if you can do a story/posting on CPAF to help raise awareness on domestic violence and sexual assault and help them garner votes for the contest.  CPAF is unique as they provide for an underserved community of women of color.  Without CPAF, there is no one else to help them.

The contest is over on Facebook – you will need to become a fan of the Chase Foundation in order to vote.  But, we have to do it now: the deadline for the contest is TOMORROW, January 22nd, at 9 PM.

Here’s actress Karin Anna Cheung explaining why organizations like CPAF help give women a chance to learn to love themselves.

Alison De La Cruz shares her own experience with sexual violence (potentially triggering):

Actor Vanness Wu explains his experience with the fallout of domestic and sexual violence, in two languages:

Ken Oak plays in support of CPAF:

Go vote – it really is just ten seconds. And a million dollars to benefit women of color is on the line.