Is Star Trek Exposing Your Latent Racial Issues?

by Latoya Peterson

I came across this gem while browsing the Hathor Legacy.  Blogger Ankhesen Mié has been watching the debate on fan forums about the Trek reboot (specifically the Spock-Uhura relationship) and decided to create a quiz around some of the most common sentiments:

1)    Do you feel horrified when you see Spock kiss a woman who looks like Uhura, and don’t know why?

2)    Do you look at Zoe Saldana and feel you “just can’t trust her” but can’t say why?

3)    Do you think Uhura’s not a very feminine character, but just can’t say why?

4)    Would you prefer Spock to be with Christine Chapel over Uhura?

5)    Do you think the Spock/Uhura relationship—in the story—is controversial because of Uhura?

6)    Do you consider yourself a “die-hard” Trek fan but still don’t agree with the pairing?

7)    Have you watched all things Trek—shows, films, interviews, etc. pertaining to this cast—and still think this pairing “came out of nowhere”?

8)    Do you think the kissing was “just wrong” and that Zachary Quinto was hurt by the writers?

9)    Do you think Spock wasn’t very “Vulcan” for being with Uhura?

10) Do you think Uhura forced herself onto Spock in the turbolift?

11) Out of the other dramatic elements in the film—death of Kirk’s father, destruction of Romulus, destruction of Vulcan, death of Spock’s mother, near-destruction of Earth, Kirk’s overly-speedy promotion, the massive death toll of young, innocent Starfleet cadets—is the Spock/Uhura relationship what sticks out to/bothers you the most?

12) Do you feel a “strong black woman” should never be in an onscreen relationship because you think it “weakens” her character?

13) Do you feel the same about a “strong white woman”?

14) Do you tell yourself Spock would never find Uhura attractive?

15) Do you tell yourself Zachary Quinto would never find Zoe Saldana beautiful, or that Leonard Nimoy never found Nichelle Nichols attractive?

16) For white girls only: Do you sometimes/often/all the time wish Spock kissed a white character so as to make it easier to picture yourself in her place?

Analyzing the Answers

If you answered yes to 1-12, no to 13, and yes to 14 & 15…you have a problem.  If you’re a white girl, there was no wrong answer to #16.  Wishing an actor/character would be intimate with someone who looks more like you for the sake of fantasizing, oddly enough, is actually quite normal.

But let’s analyze the others now, shall we?

The rest is well worth a read, as Ankhesen Mié really goes all in on the answers:

Do you think the Spock/Uhura relationship—in the story—is controversial because of Uhura?

Here’s what throws people: Spock is the “Other” in this relationship, not Uhura. In the new film, we can see how human males like Uhura fine (Kirk in particular). What shocks Kirk is the sight of a fellow human in the arms of an alien. To a slight extent, Spock offends fellow characters who witness their relationship—not Uhura. Humans in the Trek verse understand why a man would date Uhura; they have trouble, however, understanding why Uhura—who could have anyone—would date a Vulcan.

Have you watched all things Trek—shows, films, interviews, etc. pertaining to this cast—and still think this pairing “came out of nowhere”?

This goes in line with the previous question.  If you are a “die-hard” Trek Fan, then you of all people should know this relationship existed since the beginning—racism, ironically, kept it from being properly explored.  If you “just don’t see it”, then understand the creator, the actors, the writers, and directors have confirmed this ad nauseum.  The internet is filled with concrete evidence; more than enough, no doubt, for a “die-hard” fan like you.  If you still can’t see it, then it’s because you don’t want to see it.

Read the rest.

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