links for 2010-01-18

  • “For the first time I felt musically unified. Being a mixed-race person” — her father is from St. Kitts in the West Indies, and her mother is white — “that mishmash has always made sense to me. People have always been like: ‘Do you like black music or white music? Do you like soul or indie stuff?’ It’s like, aren’t I allowed to like all of it? Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain — it’s all about people reaching for things and not quite getting them. It’s all about being raw.”
  • "The first casualty of the mission happens when they're landing in the escape pod. Wait for it… it's Steve Toussaint's character! The black man! WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE FILMS WHERE THE BLACK MAN DIES FIRST! Shall I say it again? WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE FILMS WHERE THE BLACK MAN DIES FIRST!"
  • "[J]ust as animanga is seen as an open safe space for females, it (the English-speaking corners) is also seen as an open safe space for Asian-Americans, other English-speaking Asians and to a lesser extent other People of Color (hello media written about Asians by Asians! hello culture and characters with which they can identify! hello media not about white people!). Or it's supposed to. It is made unsafe by the rampant of fetishism and exoticization of Asian culture and people by mostly white animanga fans. Ignorance does not equal innocence. I find it's telling that in any discussions about the attractions of popular Asian media among white fans, especially one centering around the problematic aspects of it, even white fans who professed to be self-aware fall into the trapping of Western males = masculine, Asian males = androgynous. Or at least don't understand the irony of it all."
  • "I don't doubt that the phenomenon Okong'o names has merit- racial inferiority complexes are real. But the issue is complex, and I'm not sure if that's the primary factor in driving forward the current Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill. If it were, would we see so much critical rhetoric surrounding Western morals and influence being used in Uganda to promote the anti-homosexuality bill?"
  • "In 1990, Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons, hot off the successes of Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, respectively, decided to collaborate. The result: Give Me Liberty, a miniseries chronicling the splintering of America under the weight of corporate interests, black and white politics, and miles-wide economic gulfs, all told through the eyes of a willful, spirited young black woman named Martha Washington, who rises from the ghetto to prominence in the PAX Peacekeeping force. Several short stories and sequel series followed, leading up to 2007’s one-off comic, Martha Washington Dies, in which, well … she’s born on the first page of Give Me Liberty, and the circle completes on the penultimate page of Dies. The Life and Times compiles it all, every single short story, and pretty close to all of the pin-ups, advert artwork and whatever preliminary illustrations Dave Gibbons still had handy. The result is 600+ pages, over-sized, hardcover, slipcase, and it’s just amazing to behold."
  • Interesting video on prophecy, and "the first world war" sparking when Columbus arrived. Video is in English, subtitles are not. _ LDP
  • “The only thing i can think of after seeing Avatar is ‘when are they gonna make avatar porn?’ wrote one person on Texts From Last Night. “Is it weird that I found myself thinking of that blue chick from Avatar while [my girlfriend] gave me head after the movie?” wrote another. “lol. im a girl and i agree. i would les out for Neytiri, but i want Jake :)" responded another. Most commenters enthusiastically approved of the posts about alien lust, and some even offered to don blue suits to satisfy interests. Only a few said these fantasies were signs of a weird fetish, gross, or perverted."