Racialicious Will Be Blogcasting Live (Or As Close To It As Possible) From Capitol Hill

by Latoya Peterson

I’m on Capitol Hill all day doing this:

The American Anthropological Association (AAA) is pleased to extend an invitation for you to attend “A New National Dialogue on Race,” two days of programming designed to look at the racial issues that America faces in a brand new way. The event, sponsored by the AAA, working in conjunction with honorary co-chairs from the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), will be held January 12, 2010 through January 13, 2010 in the Cannon Caucus Room, located in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, DC.

This two-day program will consist of four robust panels designed to look at race through the lenses of science, history and lived experience and will be supported by the display of key elements of the AAA’s award-winning RACE: Are We So Different? national touring exhibit, co-developed with the Science Museum of Minnesota. The programming consists of symposia that examine how domestic policy initiatives, media coverage, and the advocacy community can begin to shift current perceptions and correct misinformation about the concept of race. This program is part of a larger public education project of the AAA, also titled RACE: Are We So Different?, that is designed to enhance understanding of human diversity and race, past and present. A key goal of the project is to foster informed dialogue and create solutions to complex social problems that are a part of the racial landscape in America.

At a time in our nation’s history where our citizens continue to struggle with, and be confronted by, wildly popular misconceptions about race, this landmark event will be an important step in continuing a national conversation that examines the core issues of what race is and how it came to be such a powerful and sometimes polarizing and harmful reality in America. Through multimedia, interactive exhibits and community programming, RACE creates unique opportunities to teach and inform the American public about the nature, challenges, and most importantly, the value of diversity.

Agenda is after the jump.

Wednesday, January 13

      • 9:30-11:00 AM Racial Disparities: Are U.S. Policies Addressing or Entrenching Disadvantage? Panelists will summarize the latest data on racial disparities and offer policy recommendations for redressing them in an era of rapid social, cultural and demographic change.
      • Moderator: TBD
      • Panelists: Marc Mauer (The Sentencing Project); Mark Trahant, (Kaiser Media Fellow), Brian Smedley (Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies)*, Melissa Lazarin (Center for American Progress), Heather McGhee (DEMOS)
      • Discussant: Ronald Walters (U Maryland)
      • 11:30-1:00 PM Media Roundtable: Covering Race in 2010. Panelists will discuss how media outlets have represented and responded to the challenges and opportunities of our nation’s new and emerging racial and ethnic diversity?
      • Moderator: George Curry (Philadelphia Enquirer)
      • Panelists: Jehmu Greene (Women’s Media Center); Mark Jurkowitz (Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism); Maria Vesperi (New College of Florida); Latoya Peterson (Racialicious blog)
      • Discussant: Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (Columbia University)*
      • 1:30-3:00 PM Future Leadership Forum. Panelists will discuss the frontiers of race and social justice and the future of race-based advocacy in the United States.
      • Moderator: Jeff Johnson, Host of BET’s The Truth with Jeff Johnson*
      • Panelists Group A: Farai Chideya (Journalist, author of Color of our Future), Brenda Girton-Mitchell (National Council of Churches), David Bositis (Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies).
      • Panelists, Group B:  Rebecca Walker (Author, co-founder of Third Wave Foundation)*, James Rucker (Color of Change)*, Billy Wimsatt (Green for All)*; Shelby Knox (Youth Activist)

3:15 PM  Closing Remarks

I’m heading up there now so I can make and report on the first panel.  I’m bringing my gear, but I have no idea yet if I can liveblog/live-tweet from my panel, or if my phone will get enough reception for me to keep up.  So, we will see what happens.  This may be on C-SPAN, if I find out I will get the link.