links for 2009-12-31

  • "With that said, I don't think there's a single human being in Crash. Instead you have arguments and propaganda violently bumping into each other, impressed with their own quirkiness. ("Hey look, I'm a black carjacker who resents being stereotyped.") But more than a bad film, Crash, which won an Oscar (!), is the apotheosis of a kind of unthinking, incurious, nihilistic, multiculturalism. To be blunt, nothing tempers my extremism more than watching a fellow liberal exhort the virtues of Crash."
  • "Australia's Tourism Forecasting Committee (TFC) has said the students are choosing to stay away due to a series of attacks in mid-2009. Australian police blamed the attacks on opportunistic criminals, but some Indian students see them as racist. The drop in the number of Indian students is expected to cost Australia almost $70m (£44m)."
  • "Another reason to pay attention to women’s needs in this recession? In a word: poverty. The poverty rate for black women is 26.2%, and it’s 25.5% for Latina women — more than 4 times higher than the white male poverty rate. And it is not surprising that children are the collateral damage when we fail address the unemployment and poor pay that is behind these numbers. Even in a recession, it is shocking that 30.6% of Latino children, 33.9% of Black children, 15.8% of white children, and 13.3% of Asian children live in poverty."