Mailbag – Odds and Ends

Over at the Fashion Bomb, Claire posits that this may be the year of the newest model dream team:  Arlenis, Chanel, Sessilee, and Jourdan.

Marie writes in to point out one positive aspect of Avatarthe female leads are Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sigourney Weaver, all from groups traditionally underrepresented in Hollywood.

Indeed, Avatar is one of the most minority filled films we’ve seen in a while – but everyone is covered in blue body paint. Hmm.

Speaking of Avatar, I knew I wasn’t the only one drawing the obvious connection to another another film:

Carleandria sent in this video, which is a parody of both MTV’s Jersey Shore and Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty,” featuring Alyssa Milano. But watching the video, it begins to set off alarm bells.

They darken her skin, instead of giving her an orangey tan glow, give her a bouffant hair do – and enlarge her boobs and ass.

Phil W writes into alert us to a developing scandal. Leon Orr, the soon to be lineman for the Florida Gators, had some pictures surface of him holding a gun and money.

Orr has apologized, and emphatically denied gang affiliation, saying:

“There are two pictures being rotated around the Internet, and I want to address that whole situation about them being gang-related,” Orr said. “They’re not at all. They were done so long ago. I’m far from that. The pictures may look like that. But it was never meant to be perceived in that way. They were taken a long time ago before I knew I would be put in the spotlight.”

In one photo, Orr, a 6-foot-5, 315-pound DT and one of the country’s most heralded football recruits, is holding what he called a plastic pellet gun and some money. He said that was taken while he was in middle school.

“It was just me and a bunch of friends,” Orr said. “It was never meant to be taken out of context and of me being in a gang.”

In a second image, Orr’s face is covered by a black flag. That, he said, were merely done to promote his rap group, then known as Collect Money Cartel (the group is now called Merk Boys, named after the street he grew up on, Mercury Avenue).

“I know it looks bad, but at the same time it’s just a rap group,” Orr said. “But that picture has nothing to do with anything. We started that group a long time ago. We were just a bunch of young, crazy kids. It was never about violence.”

Phil wonders:

Basically, people are coming down on this athlete because of a photo with him holding a gun and flashing some dollar bills. By all accounts, it’s quite an old photo, taken when he just some knucklehead teenager with an aspiring rap career. I thought the dichotomy was interesting— between coming down on this young man (now a college athlete) while giving a pass to what most likely are dozens if not hundreds of white football players out there who probably have pictures of themselves with assault and hunting rifles, etc.