The Racialicious Roundtable For ‘Flash Forward’ 1.10

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


Can I just tell you all how much I hate “press conference” scenes on film or television? And the one in “A561984” was one of the worst yet. I don’t know where they wrote that bunch of goons to get their training from, but with all their RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE crap, we never got to hear:

* Exactly how Lloyd and the Hobbit came to think they caused the GBO
* What the test yielded apart from the blackout
* Where they got their funding for their SCIENCE!
* Who the hell is paying for all the damages their little stunt caused

Instead, these idiots gave the boys a chance to get away – and what kind of lame-ass security guard gets jacked by a *reporter*? Where was this thing held, a Sarah Palin signing? What a horrible way to kick off the show.
Diana: It was a bit lame. And those were obviously amateur rent-a-cops. I was kind of with the Hobbit on this one. They should have had more info on if they actually caused it before making it that public. They could have gone to the feds first. But that makes too much sense.
Carmen: Yeah especially after Lloyd and Charlie (sorry, I’m a Lostie) tried to act all cool during that Texas Hold’em showdown… this press conference showed them to be the dorks that they are.
Andrea: But the Hobbit/Charlie/Dan Brown-Sounding Philosophy Dude did go to Stan and tried that whole “I Got Something You Might Be Interested In” bit. And Stan bit a bit…though Janis saw through dude’s ruse. To eyerolling effect. On that I give Janis daps.
jen*: The whole confession/press conference was ridic. I understand Lloyd’s guilt, but what scientist tells everybody his experiment caused chaos when he has no proof? Just coincidence. How could they even have held a press conference without going to the FBI or something first?

As for the rest of the show …

nhadra1Speaking of missed questions, how do Dem or Mark not ask Nhadra if she saw *Mark specifically* fire the gun?
Diana: Being that close to her, I think they were simply mesmerized by her voice. My question was, why didn’t they take that gun to a foundry somewhere and destroy it. Is Al’s death for nothing? Even better — Mark should just off himself now. He already knows he’s losing his wife and he’ll be on the sauce again soon.
Carmen: Because we need to leave room for a plot twist, Arturo! :) I’m sure that, much like Zoey’s realization, when we finally see Nhadra’s flashforward, it’ll take on a whole different context.
Andrea: LOL and total agreement with Carmen. But so far, the plot twists seem to be the big reveals of people’s flash-forward which seem to move the ep — and the character development — along but not the story. I sorta hoped the hiatus would be the time the creatives figured out how to move the story arc along. Alas … but I fuss. My bag is: this is the second time the question “Did you *see* so-and-so in your flashforward” would have been pertinent. Especially by folks whose job it is to, yanno, ask such questions. There’s plot twist, and then there’s borrowing Heroes writers to ghostwrite a script.
jen*: Um. Yeah. I really thought FBI investigators would be more detail oriented. I vote for Diana’s solution. Mark can follow Al’s example and save Demetri’s life. He could even write him a touching letter to be opened after the dead deed is final.

Did I miss Mrs. Noh telling Zoey she had “concerns” about her marrying her son?
Diana: No, Arturo. I don’t think we saw or heard about Mrs. Noh until this episode.
Carmen: Yeah that doesn’t ring a bell for me either. I know some commenters on Racialicious felt like having his parents being opposed to the marriage was stereotypical, but I actually found it to be a refreshing dash of reality. In today’s fake-ass “post-racial” TV landscape, interracial relationships are often depicted as if racism has ceased to exist. But let’s face it: a lot of interracial couples are still dealing with this kind of thing.
Andrea: Zoey was the one who told Demetri that his parents didn’t want her to marry him because she wasn’t Korean. That was the only time their parents were mentioned until now. I feel about Zoey that the way I feel about Brian’s dad in Something New: what is the silent parents’ persepctive on the relationship, in this case her parentals? Because silence doesn’t mean they’re cool with it. Considering how stubbornly one-track she was about her flashforward–to the point she lied about what she saw in service of her wanting her beach wedding so darn bad–she makes me wonder exactly what her parents think about her and Dem.
jen*: I thought I might’ve missed it, too, but I guess not. I’m not really into the fact that I guess we were just to assume that Dem’s parents wouldn’t be into him marrying a black girl. And Carmen, I get your note on the realness [instead of wannabe “post-racial” nonsense], but it seems to me that the “post-racial” stuff only applies to white people. The rest of us are still consumed with it [supposedly], and so this storyline has Big Ol’ Stereotype written all over it for me.

How did you feel about Zoey’s realization as a whole?
Diana: It made sense. I thought it was the more interesting part of the episode. But I can’t say I’ve heard of a beach side funeral.
Carmen: I liked it a lot, actually. It was an interesting twist, and also suggested how deeply in denial she was about what she was really seeing.
Andrea: There’s denial, then there’s just being hardheaded. I just thought, 1) “What a f-cking bridezilla” and 2) “I ain’t neeeeevah getting married again.”
jen*: It seemed like a copout to me. Maybe she really was deluding herself because she wanted to marry Demetri so badly … if so, I prefer Ms. Union when her character has a bit more of a clue.

Jen touched on this last week after deadline, but Wedeck got to show more dominance this week – he didn’t take Mark’s crap lying down and even managed to show up the Hobbit. Jen found his outburst sexy; what’d you think?
Diana: I agree. I like Courtney Vance and think he is a great actor. Plus they need to follow-up on the badass-ness Wedeck showed with the president and that senator a few episodes ago. In this economy, though, Wedeck shouldn’t have broken that tv.
Carmen: Oh man… my inner gadget freak wept at the carnage of the TV.
Andrea: I’ll let Wolverine sum up my view on Wedeck’s outburst: “That was a helluva display of power back there.” I liked that it was played as a his rightfully being upset, not a stereotype of an out-of-control Negro.
jen*: Yeah, my only qualms were the loss of the tv – I’m still dealing with a CRT so I was sad to see that nice thing shattered. But Wedeck has great story – we need to see more of it.

Between Mrs. Noh, Nhadra and Marshall Vogel, we got 3 – THREE! AH! AH! AH! – new POC characters, even if they were just guest stars. How’d everyone do in your estimation?
Diana: Well, I definitely think we’ll be seeing Nhadra again because she may be a villain. Mrs. Noh needs to encourage Dem and Zoey to go ahead and get married now and start working on some grandchildren before March. I hope to see Michael Ealy again, but I can’t say his presence added to the story per se, just my viewing enjoyment.
Andrea: I agree with you, Diana. Mrs. Noh needs to encourage the kids to get married, like “I’ll-pay-for-the-damn-wedding-and-the-hotel-room-gimme-some-grandbabies-NOW!” encouragement. I’m glad Michael Ealy got a job and all, but his character needs to be a little more than Ill-Mannered Enigma Man. As for Shohreh…just keep her talking. Anyone got a phone book she can recite?
Carmen: Yeah, so far so good! I just hope they don’t use Mrs. Noh as an excuse to crack My Mom Is a FOB jokes all show long.
jen*: I love Nhadra – i think she’s bringing more intrigue to the show and she’s cool. Vogel … not so much. His part was so small, I don’t see it lasting longer than that ep. But Mrs. Noh and the Grandbabies? That sounds like spinoff to me!

Open Mic!
Diana: Eh, I give this episode 2 1/2 stars.
Andrea: Zoey and Dem need to have hotel sex again.
Carmen: I am still reeling at how awful the “Hong Kong” sets were. I mean, it’s almost like they were going out of their way to be as UNrealistic as possible. Also, correct this gwai mui if I’m wrong, Hong Kongers, but don’t restaurants generally stop serving dim sum in the early afternoon? Nadra’s predilection for late-night dim sum is kinda bullshit.
Diana: I’m with Andrea. Next episode should be titled “Makin’ Babies.”
jen*: Times didn’t seem to match up at all on this ep – and I didn’t know what to make of the press conference juxtaposed against A Christmas Carol on the tvs in Hong Kong. Was that 2 1/2 stars out of ten, Diana? I’d just like a lil more furtherance of the story, please. So many red herrings start making the whole thing tired.

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