links for 2009-12-04

  • [Pahole Sookkasikon's] total package exemplfies what one contest judge, the activist and writer Helen Zia, called the growing "Asian-American renaissance."

    "It really is taking a page out of what W.E.B. DuBois and the African-American leaders of that period were talking about: culture," Zia said. "This is about changing the view in the American mind and the American culture about what is the Asian-American man."

  • Untile we have proof to the contrary, the suspicion remains that Italian football pays only lip service to the issue of combatting racism in football, without understanding or wanting to understand the seriousness of the problem.
  • Yes, I realize there is great cultural diversity among the different Asian ethnic groups. Yes, I realize the dominant culture has historically ignored these differences by seeing all of us as the monolithic “Oriental.” But the term “Asian American” was created in the 1960s by activists from our community partly as a reaction to this. If white society saw us as all the same, we could come together and use that to our advantage—we could find strength and unity by asserting our identity and voice collectively as “Asian Americans.” But this doesn’t mean we need to give up or bury our individual ethnic identities. We can still retain that while seeing ourselves as part of a larger community. Which brings me to how this “Asian American” identity plays a part in Hollywood.
  • Pocahontas was not a sexy Indian princess, she was kidnapped (and possibly turned into a sex slave) at the age of 17. After converting to Christianity while in captivity, she married an English man (John Rolfe, not Smith). She died at 22.
    No matter. Coed Magazine sees nothing but sexy potential in the story. Ryan sent in this slide show of a series of mostly naked women posing as Pocahontas to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks?