The Racialicious Roundtable For Flash Forward 1.8

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


Maybe we’re just bad luck.

I mean, you saw what happened to Heroes on the Roundtable’s watch. Now comes word that Flash Forward is slipping, ratings-wise. If I’d known about this effect sooner I would’ve started convening Glee roundtables.

Just kidding, Mahsino!

But, anyway, dear readers, what do you make of this show getting beat out in the ratings by … by the Vampire Diaries? In the meantime, let’s cover “Playing Cards With Coyote”:

al1Best thing about this week’s episode: consistent (or at least, constant) follow-up on Al’s “gift” to Demetri. I also thought Celia getting 15 minutes of fame out of it was an interesting touch. Your thoughts?
Diana: I don’t know if I missed something, but the logic seemed kind of flawed to me. I did not know Al knew Celia’s full name/identity. With that said, I still mourn Al’s loss and wonder if there could have been a less drastic measure to achieve the same outcome. But then I guess it would not be as dramatic and worth putting on the front page of a newspaper that the future could be changed.
jen*: I’m with you Diana – how would Demetri know to deliver the letter to her if Al stated in the letter that he didn’t even know her last name? Maybe he used Mosaic?
Arturo: I think Al mentioned cross-referenced her with his vision in Mosaic during last week’s ep. It stands to reason – though, in retrospect, it should’ve been spelled out – that Dem or somebody did the same.

Likewise, I thought the sequence in the pet store was appropriately tense, and the follow-up between Dem and Mark addressed some logical questions. But how could nobody even theorize that the tri-star tattoo was a group thing and not just on one guy? (Btw, is there any chance the Tri-Stars aren’t at least connected to “Jericho?”)
Diana: I was mad that no one thought that such a tattoo could exist on more than one person. The whole episode also put Mark’s morals and ethics into play big time which Demetri rightfully called him on. Maybe Mark starts drinking again because he killed the wrong tattooed man and didn’t change a damn thing.
jen*: Seriously. Mark just kills this guy with a pretty plain-looking tattoo and thinks he’s the only one who’s got it? It looked like some sort of para-military thing when I saw it, so of course my first thought was Jericho – especially with all the talk about them firing on the daughter-in-hiding. How did Mark rise this high without ever thinking things through?
Mahsino: I’m starting to get the whole Law & Order “twist” vibe from this show, like the Jericho/3 star connection is some giant plot twist that’s supposed to shock us.

In my notes I was jotting down, “Lloyd: worst poker player ever?” … until he finally pwned Charlie the EEEEEVIL Hobbit. I’m glad Lloyd won mostly because a) c’mon, it’s Capt. Norrington against a HOBBIT and b) Simon was turning into a bit of a Villain Sue anyway, no?
Diana: If I was Lloyd, I would have just skipped the card game and told the world what I had done. Bump the Hobbit man and his silly games.
jen*: Couldn’t he at least have kept the money? I would think he could use it…since he’ll most likely be needing a lawyer.
Mahsino: Doesn’t he have some hospital bills to pay, I mean dude hasn’t once mentioned going to work. Giving up the money was poor parenting- I’m sure Dylan could’ve used a college fund.

So, the Stark family. I still don’t care.
Diana: Ditto on that, Arturo.
jen*: Are they the sponsor and daughter-in-hiding? Cuz I don’t care about them either. But I haven’t learned their names…so…
Arturo: Yup, that’s them, Jen.
Mahsino: The producers need to take a page from Family Matters and send the Stark family up to their room or something- I won’t ask any questions, I promise.

bedfords1 Open Mic!
Mahsino: I was pissed that there was seemingly no period of mourning on the part of Mark. He uses a colleagues death as an excuse to go out on a mini vacation with his wife?!
Diana: And then Mark doesn’t even turn the phone off while on vacay. Olivia should have trashed him and kept the underwear.
jen*: What’s up with trying to change the future without thinking things through? Al dies without considering that someone else could kill Celia, Mark kills a dude with three stars on his arm because of course no one else would have that tattoo, and Olivia doesn’t ponder that on April 29 she could be wearing a different set of underwear. Although those were nice.

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