B-Flix By Bloomingdales Feature Short Films with Characters of Color

by Latoya Peterson

I got a flier for B-Flix as an insert in one of my fashion magazines.  Apparently, Bloomingdales teamed up with Young Indies Films to put on a contest.  Some of the films looks like they featured PoC, so I checked them out.

“Recession Special” was interesting eye candy, but not much plot wise.  The lead actress Hina Abdullah was killing it visually:

Barry Jenkins (Medicine for Melancholy) uses the Bloomingdales’ plot line as a jumping off point for a tender interracial love story called “Tall Enough”:

“The Love Game” as a model character coded as Asian. I found this movie fairly boring, but it seems like the clear winner by a few million votes:

You can check out the rest of the movies and vote here.