The Racialicious Roundtable For ‘Heroes’ 4.1 + 4.2

Hosted by Special Correspondent Arturo R. García


Why does Ando look so shocked? Probably because he saw the ratings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Heroes placed fourth in its’ time slot, with a 46 percent drop in viewership from the Season 3 premiere. Start the deathwatch!

Meanwhile, the Roundtable invites you to join us in wishing a fond farewell to one of our charter members, Erica, who is about to embark on the most perilous of journeys: teaching middle school.

jen*: Good luck, Erica! My mom taught middle school and always said it takes a special person to work with middle school kids. I think she’s right.

Mahsino: Yeah, good luck Erica and may the patience you have had watching Heroes aid you in dealing with middle-schoolers.

jen*: As for the show? I can’t even articulate how much I hate Parkman. Teh stoopid must have rubbed off of Mo and landed on him. In fact, everyone I know hates Parkman

Mahsino (raises hand): I don’t hate Parkman. I kinda feel for the guy in the same way I feel for Ando and Hiro, he’s not a Benetrelli so it’s not like he’s gonna get any shine.

Arturo: Parkman’s decision-making process crystallizes one big problem for this group of characters: they clearly know they’re the only ones around who can understand and deal what they’re going through, yet they insist on not relying on each other. So it makes Big Matt look like a child not to tell anybody Sylar is in his head – especially with Angela asking for his help.

jen*: Mama P is getting the shakes from thinking about SyNate’s unraveling, and she totally deserves it. In fact, I’m still ready for the Benetrelli’s to take a swan dive and pick up where the writers left off when Carnivale ended. I liked that show. But I don’t remember them ever visiting Japan. I think the show would get a shot of adrenaline with the darkness that accompanied Carnivale – and maybe that’s what they’re going for here. It doesn’t make any sense for these folks to just show up with The Company not know anything about them, but hey – we gave up on logic intersecting with Heroes back in Season 2, right? [btw – talk about HRG slipping – could they have been any more blatant about the compasses only working in the hands of someone with ‘abilities’?]

Diana: Sorry, guys, I was mopping up water in my home from the Great Atlanta Flood of 2009 and had the show on, but wasn’t paying much attention. All I remember is Sylar chasing Parkman around, asking for his body which was rather annoying and insipid. And was Parkman at an AA meeting trying to get help for his power? Lame. And Peter giving chowder from Legal Seafood to everyone? Lamer.

Mahsino: I mean really, wasn’t the Company an international operation? I would think that weirder than normal carnies would raise some red flags, or would they?

Arturo: Okay, it’s a totally bad idea and it’s going to bite Hiro in the ろば, but, how about Ando finally getting the girl? And as a follow-up, I guess it’s settled: Kimiyo has no superpowers, and that’s kinda disappointing.

jen*: I love Ando getting the girl. Love it. And I don’t think we necessarily have to rule out Kimiko getting/having powers, do we? Of course, not having blonde hair, she’d end up dying – so let’s leave her regular.

Mahsino: I don’t know, I don’t like Kimiko. I want to, but she seems annoying.

Arturo: The thing with Kimiko is, she’s always been positioned as the stick-in-the-mud opposite Hiro. But she’s not wrong in calling the boys out on spending company cash on Dial-A-Hero. I’d like to hope she gets some actual development to go with her “new” romance with Hiro. But I’m not exactly optimistic.

jen*: Which reminds me – with carnie-tatt-girl we have another blonde girl in some kind of dubious relationship with grody-carnie-tattoo-artist Samuel.

Mahsino: Dubious is putting it mildly, don’t you think? That whole relationship, from what I can tell, is her being stabbed in the back while she speaks only when spoken to. Not in a consensual way, but in an incredibly awkward, fearful way. It’s uncomfortable.

Arturo: I don’t know if the creators think they’re gonna reach the Hot Topic demographic with the whole “dark brooding yet emo-hot” angle with these two, but I did get a laugh out of Samuel correcting Edgar when he referred to Hiro as “Chinese.” Funny Sam works better for me than Mysterious Sam.

Arturo: Moving on to Claire-Bear, I got a bad vibe out of the way Annie and Gretchen’s characters were drawn – the former was such a stereotypical “overachieving b-tch” it was difficult to care that she was killed and the latter is way past quirky and into Single White Female territory. At least Claire is twigging to Gretchen’s weirdness, but Tim Kring is already digging himself a hole here.

jen*: I thought I heard them say that Claire-bear was at Yale. Which had me doing a triple take. And then I was like – who does AP into a college algebra class? Shouldn’t that be calculus?? But I have to admit – I kinda wondered if they were gonna give Claire straight A’s for the semester since her roomie took the dive. Maybe that’s how she’ll get/have time to pledge a sorority in her 1st semester. [Although, once again, never got the impression that Yale was a big Greek school, though I could be wrong.]

So, I miss all the brown people that made this show fun and interesting. Seeing The Haitian was nice, but not getting to hear him speak/see him with an actual name, I’m remembering the bar is set too low on this show. I liked the ep overall – I thought it was more than the ho hum of last season, but it *did* feel long.

Mahsino: Do they think we’re stupid? I mean honestly, Heroes starts with the same damn formula every season. Peter and Claire are trying to be normal, good people until the big bad of the season finds a way to bring them together. Ando and Hiro somehow get tangled, Matt gets dragged into it, Mohinder runs tests. They all meet in the middle and in the end. That’s it. Every season. I think I’m more mad at myself for having expected differently.

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