Open Thread: Stephen Harper and Colonialism in Canada

by Special Correspondent Jessica Yee

“We’re so self-effacing as Canadians that we sometimes forget the assets we do have that other people see,” he said, speaking with a rare passion. “We are one of the most stable regimes in history. . . . We are unique in that regard,” he added, noting Canada had enjoyed more than 150 years of untroubled Parliamentary democracy. Just in case that was not enough to persuade doubters, Harper threw in some more facts about the geographically second-largest nation in the world. “We also have no history of colonialism. So we have all of the things that many people admire about the great powers but none of the things that threaten or bother them,” he said.

-Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses a press briefing at the end of the G20 Summit on Sept. 25, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

No history of colonialism in Canada, eh, Harper?

I don’t give a flying f@#! if he’s really referring to “colonizing” other countries (so Afghanistan doesn’t count?), the fact is the man said that Canada has NO HISTORY OF COLONIALISM.

Oh. really. now.

So Mr. Harper, when you apologized to residential school survivors, when you talked about the Chinese head-tax, or Japanese internment camps, all happening in Canada, was colonization not a result of these very things occurring? That’s not even to mention the ongoing colonialism that’s alive and well in Canada (last time I checked Indian and Northern Affairs Canada was still in operation).

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the latest in oppressive Harper-dom.