Introducing: Your New Deputy Editor and Comment Moderator

by Latoya Peterson

Well, I’m a little late with this announcement.

Okay – a lot late. Let’s just say I gave them a couple months to get their feet wet.

I am please to announce that our fabulous contributor and literary superstar Thea Lim is stepping up to bat as the Deputy Editrix of the blog. She’s been helping me out from behind the scenes for quite some time now, but expect her to take a more starring role in the future.

And, not to be out done, our comic and television man about town, Arturo R. García, has agreed to take over the main moderation of comments. Even after seeing the mess that goes down on the weekends. God bless him.

Please welcome our new promotions warmly – they’ll be running the blog by themselves next week while I’m out wandering.

Didn’t I say be careful what you wish for, Thea? :-)

Everyone, please help me congratulate Arturo and Thea!