Open Thread: Sotomayor Hearings

by Latoya Peterson

I got an email from my friend Erica Gonzales saying she was going to be in DC this week. Then I found out she was on a mission – live tweeting the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings for El Diario La Prensa. And to be quite honest, I think I prefer her coverage over everything else I’ve read. She’s not pulling any punches. Some of the highlights:

Graham calls #Sotomayor speeches disturbing. Repb tactic is to frame her as presenting different versions for herself.

Graham citing sexist criticisms of #Sotomayor — i.e. “she can be a bit of a bully.” If it was a man, would the same comments be an issue?

Graham on “wise Latina” remarks: basically said that white men don’t get a break for misspeaking – that people of color have advantage

Senate judiciary majority releases another handout titled “Attacks on Judge #Sotomayor’s Temperament are Baseless.”

4th handout from Senate judiciary committee majority — quoting Republican appointed Justices who “have touted their unique backgrounds…”

Feingold is asking how #Sotomayor can empathize with rural Americans?

SHe is a baby killer. #Sotomayorabout 19 hours ago from web
#Sotomayor another protester escorted out.about 19 hours ago from web

Hatch: “People all over country tired of courts imposing their will against one group or another ‘without’ justification.” #Sotomayor

You can follow her updates via twitter.

I’m also hating the blatant gotcha strategies. Why would Sotomayor make a statement on some bullshit ass hypothetical that they will twist to their own ends? Ugh. Fuck politics.

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